The Apex (BH421SS5)

The Apex (BH421SS5)

Overall product rating 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews).

Highlighting the NEW grills from Holland, The APEX is constructed Stainless Steel for long life and top performance. The cabinet design with access door makes it easy to get to the LP tank and allows room for storage of BBQ tools.


Product features for The Apex (BH421SS5) include:

  1. Towell-bar Stainless Steel handle for easy lifting
  2. Stainless Steel cooking grid is guaranteed for the life of the grill
  3. NuStone side shelves safe for direct food contact
  4. Woodchip drawer for smoking
  5. Rotary spark ignition system for easy lighting
  6. Smooth powder-coated textured steel cabinet for a classy look and easy cleaning
  7. Convenient front-door access with utensil storage on the door
  8. Heavy-duty casters (two locking) for easy moving on the deck
  9. Solid one-piece steel base
  10. Complete warranty info

Other features not shown--Grill temperature thermometer in the lid; Back panel for extra sturdiness and a finished look; Aluminum, no-rust drip pan
A note about Stainless Steel: You might notice in your research that our stainless grill uses 14,000 BTU's and the aluminum grills are set for over 20,000 BTU. For an explanation of this, we sought out the advice of our crack service department technical advisors. Here's what they say: "BTU rating are simply a calculation based primarily on gas pressure & orifice size, or the amount & type of gas burning per hour. (heat output per hour). Since stainless steel retains heat better than the other grill materials, it requires less gas to heat SS grills to the same temperature, therefore SS grills are intentionally designed with a slightly smaller orifice in the gas valve than black grills. You could say that SS grills get better "gas mileage" than black grills. All full sized Holland grills, no matter which material, are designed to heat to the SAME temperature. It is TEMPERATURE that cooks your food, not BTU's." Couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks Dan!


Product specifications for The Apex (BH421SS5)...

BTU'S: 14,000
Cooking Hours: 21 per 20lb Tank
Shelf-to-Shelf Width: 49 1/2"
Height: 48"
Depth: 24"
Cooking Grid Dimensions: 24 5/16" x 16 3/8"
Shipping Weight: 122 lbs
The Apex is now shipped partially assembled in two boxes per grill. 20 lb LP cylinder not included. Easily converted to Natural Gas. Other patents pending.
Approved Orifice Sizes: Propane #57 Nat. Gas #53

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Customer reviews for The Apex (BH421SS5)
Overall rating:
by: Tom
Date: August 04, 2014
State: OK

Had my Apex grill for over 4 years. They say a dog is Man's best friend; no, it is the Apex grill if the Man enjoys grilling. The number one reason this grill out performs any other grill is because it is in Made in the USA! Excellent company - Excellent grill!
Overall rating:
by: Eric Lofgren
Date: April 06, 2014
State: WI

The entire Holland Line except for the Maverick we have owned. We currently own four Holland grills. And we gave our daughter one for Christmas, my father-in-law a Companion a few years back. My first Holland that we bought was after the Wisconsin State Fair backyard cookout demo. I'm guessing 10-12 years ago. I have had zero trouble with any of them, it is the only clean, healthy, flare up free grill that we have cooked with. I do a lot of grilling 12 months out of the year, even in the cold Wisconsin weather. Our stove in the house is rarely used. We are so spoiled cooking for ourselves, burgers, chicken, turkey, any pork or pulled pork, roasts and my specialty is prime rib and steaks. Our children's friends love coming over for the burgers, they are the best. The cooking technology is perfect and you won't replace these grills for twenty years or more as I see no deterioration. Buy a Holland Grill there great!!
Overall rating:
by: Larry Pfeifer
Date: January 12, 2014
State: CA

Had the Apex for 7 years. Have used it every week in Southern and Northern Ca in outdoor temps from 90 to below freezing. Looks brand new and no repair issues whatsoever. Best part is it cooks the same (perfectly) every time and doesn't use much fuel. Have read some reviews about slower than expected cooking which I have also experienced. Turned out it was either spider webs in the gas orifice or the air regulator needed adjustment. Both issues are covered in the owner's manual and easily corrected. Worth every penny.

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