Batch 487 Grillin' Sauce

We've brewed this batch just for you! Try our new tangy, vinegar based grillin' sauce and we'll think you'll's a winner!

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Perfect barbeque requires the perfect sauce. We've been stewing and brewing our special Batch 487 Grillin' Sauce until we finally got it right--brewed just for you! You'll start a war if you try to argue which sauce is best--the thin vinegar sauce of east Carolina, the tasty rubs of Memphis or the delicious sweetness of the Kansas City 'que. So we combined all the famous flavors from the great bbq regions of the country to give you our special Batch 487. Based in vinegar, we added just the right amount of tomato and brown sugar along with a splash of hot to give your taste buds a welcome vacation. This tangy sauce is perfect for pulled pork, ribs, chops and chicken and you'll love the spicy goodness when it's brushed on your chicken wings. But it's much more than an ordinary bbq sauce. Use it as a marinade to tenderize pork chops and roasts; brush it on some slow-cooking babybacks or use it as a delicious table dippin' sauce. Either way, we think you'll like it. Check with your local Holland Grill retailer for our new sauce or order some today from our website. Happy grillin!


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