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Tribute LS (BH421-AG-2)
15-year parts warranty
1 year on igniter: Bottom Replacement Parts

NOTE: If your grill is still in the warranty period (check your owner's manual for your grill's exact warranty) please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-880-9766 during our regular business hours: Mon. - Thur 8am to 5pm (ET) Friday 8am to 4pm (ET).

Please have your MODEL NUMBER, SERIAL NUMBER (located on grill)
and DATE OF PURCHASE ready BEFORE you call.

We can NOT process a warranty claim without these numbers.
If your grill is out of warranty, see parts and pricing below. Thank you!

Key Part # Description Retail Price
(plus freight)
1. AG2-100W Tribute LS bottom wrapper $96.86 Add to Cart
2. AG2-106 WELD AIR BAFFLE $17.22 Add to Cart
3. AG2-120 DRIP PAN BRACKET $9.45 Add to Cart
4. AG2-1014B Hardware pack nuts and bolts only $21.53 Add to Cart
5. SG2-702 Shelf bracket LF/RR (Each) $7.35 Add to Cart
6. SG2-703 Shelf brackets RF/LR (Each) $7.35 Add to Cart
7. SS1-701SS SHELF, BLACK $29.09 Add to Cart
8. CG1-100L Bottom cast end plate left $35.44 Add to Cart
9. CG1-100R Bottom cast end plate right $33.75 Add to Cart
10. SG2-300 COOKING GRID, full sized grills $103.32 Add to Cart
11. AG2-600 WELD DRIP PAN ALUMINUM $105.00 Add to Cart
12. SG4-910 3/4 INCH DRAIN PIPE $11.03 Add to Cart
13. SG4-909 VALVE, DRIP PAN, 3/4" $26.78 Add to Cart
14. SG4-170 WELD CONTROL PANEL BRACKET $18.84 Add to Cart
15. SG4-155 ASSM CONTROL PANEL W/DECAL $30.61 Add to Cart
16. SG4-151 Control panel bracket insulator (requires 4 - sold individually) $2.62 Add to Cart
17. SS3-140A CONTROL PANEL DECAL - BLACK $5.40 Add to Cart
18. SG2-1000 Drip bucket $15.65 Add to Cart
19. AG2-107 ASSM FLAME DEFLECTOR $60.90 Add to Cart
20. AG2-MAN Owners Manual - Tribute $5.00 Add to Cart