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Topic Title: I HATE my Holland !!
Created on May 28, 2013 at 08:44 AM


I bought a Maverick 4/21/12. We can not get a smoke taste. I use the pellets from the dealer where I purchased the grill, and the food is greasy when it comes off the grill wether it be T-bone or ground round. I put the pellets in foil pouches and poke holes in them , I've even used 2 pouches at once. I might as well cook on my kitchen range because it tastes the same only no grease compared to the holland. I e-mailed and phoned Holland for help with this and NOTHING!!They are as worthless as there grill!! I am ready to send the Holland to the dump & buy a cheap one from Home Depot which I should have done in the first place. If you are thinking of buying a Holland PLEASE DO NOT. Save your money and a hassle !! $529.00 for what a piece of junk that was misrepresented.


Wow! Sounds like you just don't like the way it cooks and you wanted to return the grill to the dealer, and they would not take it back. I love mine alot! Even looking at getting a 2nd one. What state are you in Helen? I'll come by and take it off your hands!!

@ Helen

You have already been contacted by Holland to try to help. You need to call them with all the info they requested. Just complaining won't get you anywhere.

It may be something not set up correctly on the grill or it may be something you are doing or not doing. Did you do everything the manual tells you to do before cooking on the grill?

Remember, there are literally many thousands of Holland owners out there happily cooking away with great results. They are not idiots for liking the Holland grill concept & the results.

Call Holland & get it fixed.


Did you bother to read any of previous posts before yours? You are definately in the minority!
Did you do any research on Holland grills before buying one? They are different than flamethrower grills. That's the whole idea in the Holland concept.


One question? Where is the dealer in this situation? It would seem that they would help you get the grill set-up & adjusted properly so it cooks like a Holland should. We still don't know, with all the complaining, if the grill is getting hot enough. That's the kind of info Holland needs the most to help you.


I contacted the dealer in galesburg his office girl said she does not like her table top they bought for camping had it 2 years and finally getting a slight smoke taste. Rizzo you are right I do not like the way it cooks. I can cook in the house and have it taste the same as off the grill. The purpose of a grill is to have a grilled taste! Holland did not request any info! I told them what I wrote in this blog and what I was doing. He told me to do what I told him I was already doing!! He did say to put pellets directly on drain pan across front of grill!! What is the difference that or foil except his idea wouuld be a big mess to clean.Before I used it I preheated it 1/2 hr.,sprayed it with oil and cooked bacon first. The flame is blue the temp is 400-450. I DID NOT SAY ANYONE WAS A IDIOT IF THEY LIKED THERE GRILL!!!I purchased it because of NO Flair ups. The demo I went to did not use pellets but said you could for a smoke flavor.All I want is a smoke flavor to the food. I can continue to blot the meat with paper towels to get the grease out if I have to. I do not think its too much to ask for a smoke taste off the grill and not like I cooked it in the oven in my kitchen. I'll call the dealer again and also continue to call Holland until they get tired of me. The squeeky wheel gets the attention I guess. Thanks for your comments


I have a Holland and use it all the time. I don't see any need for spraying it with cooking oil? Maybe that's why your getting the greasy food off yours? Mine has the smoking drawer and I use Wood Chips without foil. That gives me a Great Smoke Taste. What are you cooking on your Holland that is greasy?

Mr. Cook

Pour liquid smoke over your food to get the desired flavor.


"Did you bother to read any of previous posts before yours? You are definately in the minority!
Did you do any research on Holland grills before buying one? They are different than flamethrower grills. That's the whole idea in the Holland concept."

Exactly !!!!!!!!! Well Put.


I have to ask but could this thread started by "Helen" be just to stir up bad press for Holland? I know for a fact people will leave bad reviews on a product they never purchased just to make it look bad. Especially if they work for a company or dealer who competes with a certain products.
Just a thought.

Dave Easley

Helen, My wife and I are still experimenting but we have found we can get lots of smoke for 20 minutes or so by making a ball of pellets in heavy duty foil and a flat pack of pellets in foil and placing them directly on the flame spreader below the drip pan. Poke only one or two holes in the foil with a toothpick. Raise the left side of the drip tray and place the ball on the left rear corner of the aluminum flame spreader and the flat pack on the left front. Make sure the pellets are not directly below the center channel of the drip pan and that the pan can rest level in its normal position. You will get smoke even if you fill the drip pan with water for steaming.
If you place the meat directly on the cooking grate, the fat will drip into the drip pan (also called the sizzle tray). When the fat hits the hot sizzle tray it will smoke and add its unique flavor to the meat.
Please don't give up. The Holland Grill is a different, better way of cooking and there is a learning curve but the final results are well worth it. You may want to try calling Holland again and hope you get a different person to help you. Everyone on this board will be happy to help you get the most delicious food you have ever tasted from your Holland grill. Please be patient, try again and let us help you reach your goal of culinary delight.


I agree with what Grillin said ! Sounds to me like a competitor ! I have to say that all my food I cook on my Holland is always a LOT LESS greasy because the grease drains into the pan. Meatloaf, sausage, sausage balls, etc. are NOT greasy when cooked on the Holland.


Probably a Weber fa who thinks burgers are supposed to taste like hockey pucks after 5-7 minutes!


I am not a secret spy from another company world or someone trying to BS you. I am what I appear to be a consumer who purchased a product and is trying to get help before I pitch the D--- thing. At the beginning of this blog Holland says it is to make comments, ask questions, get advice,or express yourself. It appears this is a man's site and I have P some of you off that was not my intention. Most of you do not like criticism and enjoy berating others I have worked with men like you and you have my sympathy. To those who belived what I said and tried to help me I want to thank you for being decent human beings. We are in a heat wave in Michigan as soon as it is over next week I will try what you suggested. I will let you know what works.


I'm sure Helen is not some wannabe that is here trying to rustle up trouble. She is certainly entitled to her opinion and hopefully we can get her over the hump so she will be a satisfied Holland griller. We all know that a Holland grill is a bit different and their is a learning curve.

As Helen is entitled to her opinion so is Larry who states Weber grills produce "hckey pucks". I can see his point though I don't agree with it. Thats whats great about this country we can agree to disagree.

Myself I think its the "cook" not the grill that produces good food.


I have to say this thread has given me cause to think more seriously about purchasing a Holland grill. I have been pretty much convinced by what I've read on this site that it is what I want but now I'm not so sure. I'm not an experienced griller nor am I an experienced cook. I love reading about the success that people have had cooking on a Holland grill but I'm not so sure that given my cooking skills that I can duplicate that success.

Mike Owens

Wayne...GO FOR IT !!!! I was NOT an experienced griller either. I HATED grilling because of having to stand there and constantly watch whatever I was cooking. To me, there was very little learning curve to grilling on the Holland. It is the easiest grilling you can imagine and I use it all I can. It's really hard to mess up foods on the Holland. Just pulled two big Butts of the grill for a party this evening.


Get the Holland but I suggest the cookbook that goes with it too. It has cooking time in it for different things. Maybe Helen needs the Holland Cookbook too! I use it as a guide and I always use my timer too! I put the food on, start my time then go back into the house where it's cooler!


I just bought the same grill and absolutly love it. I cooked steak, fresh fries, califlower, veggs, and even the apple dumpling on the grill over the weekend. I can't believe the versitility.

I honestly dont think that this grill is a beginner grill. You really have to have experience the cheaper grills from home dumpo to appreciate it.

Remember, cooking with indirect heat is much more different and takes more patience and skill. I'd recomend some cooking classes and trying some printed receipes before throwing the grill away.

Good luck, but best direct your frustration other places. Its very negative and doesn't benfit anybody here....


Follow the directions. If that doesn't work then you have regulator or grill issues. CALL Holland to get them resolved.

If you claim you have called Holland and not received a solution...the issue is you.


Sounds like Chad stopped short of calling Helen a Liar. That's a shame!


I started with a charcoal grill 40 yrs ago, then went to gas for about 10 years, I hated the fires so when I was told about the Holland I thought great! I do love the fact that I can walk away and no burned food when I get back. I really, really dislike not getting the smoke taste. I am not new to grills. I agree this is a different type of cooking and I am ok with that. It is just that I feel that the food should taste like smoke when it is done. The pellets are not even ashen when the food is done. So they have not all burned. It only smokes for about 20-30 minutes then stops. I use the pouch because the lady at the dealer told me to. I talked to a man this weekend who said he uses a blow torch to start the pellets burning. I called the dealer last Fri and was told to wet the pellets. I use a handful and leave the ones that previously did not burn in also. Am I using too much not enough pellets, should I use wood chips like Tony suggested? And how? Should I wet it? Should I but a torch? How clean should the drip pan be? I clean mine every time. The instruction book and this Holland site said not to let it get dirty because you will not get the correct heat. The thermostat on the lid runs between 400 and 450. I have read most of the cookbook on line and printed off the cook times. The food is done when it comes off the grill. Wayne do not NOT buy it because of one persons experience. Go to more then one demo and one dealer. Talk to as many people as possible before you purchase.I just never asked about the smoke taste. I assumed it would be there because of the wood pellets for the smoke. I am old enough I should know not to assume anything. I would appreciate any help. I am going to pitch the pouches and try the suggestions that some were nice enough to offer. The heat wave is gone so I can get outside and fire it up! Thanks


Another option for you may be the use of an "Olde Barbeque Smoke Cone". A product made by Rutland and can be found at Ace or True Value Hardware.

They are a bit pricey but go on sale and price isn't too bad in the Fall.

With these you would cold smoke the food for about 20-25 minutes. Then cook the food. If you have a second grill hanging around the 20-25 minutes lines up perfectly for you to cold smoke in the standby grill, while your Holland is warming up.

I've played with this product a couple of times and have pretty good success with it.

With my Holland my experience has been very limited smoke taste with the food cooked. You might want to try to add 1 lit/ashed over charcoal briquette or a small piece lump to your pellet drawer to see if that helps in keeping the pellets smoldering.



Try typing smoke in the search box at the top of the blog and read the older blog on this topic. This is a question I posted last year and I have to agree with you that I also have trouble producing smoke. I did have some success by wetting the flav-o-buds (not soaking) and I will get smoke, however it seems to diminish when I put the meat on the grill. You have to remember the Holland Grill is not a smoker but will add some smoke flavor. I love my Holland Grill for all the other features and my food always comes out very moist and tasty without having to watch it. I like the fact that I can do other things while I grill knowing that I am not burning up my meal. Also I have to say that the people at the Holland Grill Company are very friendly and helpful. I have called them and they have always responded to my questions and problems.

I have also tried the Rutland smoke cones. They really do a great job producing lots of smoke.

I hope this helps and you will have success with your new grill.

My post from last year:

I cannot get smoke from my Heritage grill and I have followed all the suggested methods. I preheat for 30 minutes and use the chip tray set in the far left corner. I've tried both the flav-o-buds smoke pellets and small wood chips. I figured that during the winter the grill just wasn't getting hot enough. Today when I grilled it was 73 degrees so I figured it should be warm enough. I preheated for 30 minutes and the lid thermometer showed 420 degrees. I was using some flav-o-buds that had only blackened from the last time along with some fresh wood chips. I grilled for 90 minutes and never saw smoke come out the stacks. The chips only got black but never turned to white ash. I'm wondering if drilling some small holes in the chip tray might help. Is anyone else having so much trouble getting smoke?


Like I said I use wood chips. It's easy I just put the wood chips right in my chip drawer. I don't do anything to them. I don't wrap them or anything. I put them in the chip drawer I start my grill and let it preheat to 400 degrees then put my food on. You can buy a small bag of Wood chips at Kroger.

Andrew K

First, it's great that Holland lets us express our opinions on this page--sometimes good, sometimes bad but the main thing is they let us vent or praise. Helen, I was like you when I first got my Holland (Classic) It did not have a charcoaled taste to it like I was used to or wasnt "burned or charred" like I was used to on my Charbroil gas. However, over the years my family has grown to love several things about this grill--first is its simplicity--you don't have to really know how to cook to use it. Just get your times down on whatever it is you cook and it will all become second nature. As far as a smoky taste--I use their wood chips and get a slight taste but me personally--I don't like my food to tast or smell like burned wood. When our kids were younger, the best thing about the Holland was that we could put everything on there--chicken, baked potatoes, corn, casseroles, whatever--and didn't have to babysit it. Now and then I do like to slow smoke something and I will occasionally smoke a boston butt or ribs on a charcoal grill for 2 hours (you're overdoing it if you smoke for more than 2 hours) and then finish on the Holland. But we've become spoiled by the Holland because its so easy to use--I don't really like fooling with the wood and charcoal very much. I also came to love the fact that you can cook almost anything on it. We do whole turkeys all the time; country hams, pork loins--big stuff that I had never done on my other grils. I guess you'd have to say the Holland has it's own unique flavor--it doesn't taste like charcoal; it's not really a smokey taste--but it is very juicy, consistent and like I said it sure was great when our busy house had so many other things to do rather than sweat in a hot summer kitchen over dinner. Good luck Helen. Don't give up on it. Keep trying it. If after a year you still don't like it, I'm sure you can sell it to someone. There's a whole bunch of us Holland groupies out there. As our kids grew and started their own families, they all went ouut and got a Holland on their own.

Andrew K

Sorry I wrote so long


Very well said, Andrew. When switching from charcoal to a Holland it takes some folks a long time to adjust. After a while she will get used to the Holland's consistently perfect performance and will forget all about the days of creosote flavored meats and the acid indigestion that goes along with charcoal cooking. Good Luck Helen....don't give up!


I've had your exact experience as far as the smoke (can't understand the greasy aspect though - are you putting the meat directly on the grill grid?).

I LOVE using hard wood chips and they just didn't get hot enough in the smoker drawer. The Holland grill has a about a 1" space that runs around the drip pan. I soak hardwood chips (NOT CHUNKS) for about 20 mins, then drain and lay them in a double thick piece of aluminum foil. Roll up tight and leave the ends open for the smoke to escape. You want to put this foil gently into the 1" gap near the upper-left (northwest?) corner of the grill so that it sits in the gap but doesn't fall down into the grill. To facilitate this, when you're rolling the foil, think "big fat cigar".

I guarantee you will have an abundance of smoke and your food will be overflowing with deliciousness.


That last post was from me NOT Helen. The website errored when I was uploading. Sorry.


If you want smoke flavor your best off buying a Traegar grill that uses wood pellets for the heat. I am looking at buying a Holland and know people that have them. I have a total of 4 grills each does what it does best but 75%of cooking is done on the treager. we bbq all year long even in the winter and we live in colo.But if you want smoke flavor use a treager


While the Holland is a great grill, it does some things better than others and high temperature searing of steaks, chops and burgers isn't one of them. You gotta use the right tool for the job.
When you realize this it can take your efforts to a whole new level.
Where the Holland reigns supreme is with items that require longer cooking times such a chicken, turkey, roasts and ribs, the results will have your guests raving at your efforts.
What I like about the Holland is that when we have company I can put on a roast, turkey or chickens and not have to keep checking the grill, allowing me to spend more time with my friends. Doing a stuffed turkey is a good example. Place it in the grill with a digital thermometer inserted, when the buzzer goes off that's it. Remember don't open the lid until it's ready.
Good luck!


You can cook a steak to perfection on the Holland. You can cook a steak to perfection on charcoal. They will taste differently but equally delicious. Effort involved to achieved said results will differ as will cooking time. As for me I'll take the lower effort, longer cooking time great tasting steak.


You will never get the smoke flavor of a charcoal grill from a non charcoal Holland without a bit of help. Holland is superior in most aspects, but it is not a smoker. You can addnmore smokemto your holland by using a product like . I looked at their website and in the gallery pics someone has one hooked up to a Holland. All that being said, I love my Holland for all that it can do not what it can't. Oh and by the way it's almost 14 years old.


This is not a grill for burgers and steaks. This is more for slow cooking, like ribs, chicken, butts, etc. It does not get hot enough to sear a steak.

Tom Kirkman

After cooking steaks and burgers on the Holland, I'll never bother to sear another piece of meat. Searing just burns the outside and reduces the moisture content of the meat.

Obviously, people have different tastes and we each like what we like, but the steaks and burgers on the Holland are just so much more tender and juicy than they are when "seared."


I fill the chip tray with dry hickory chips before I light the grill. When the grill is warmed up open the chip drawer & use a long butane lighter to set the chips on fire. Close the chip drawer & they will smolder till nothing but ash. If you leave the drawer slightly open the chips will burn faster & make more smoke.


my father and I have sold Holland grills for over 16 yrs, successfully... with only 2 returns after 700+ sales! Patience is well worth the wait, without having to "fire-watch" your food. Besides having more and more grilling entepreneurs yielding frequent recipes and successful grillin' techniques, "the sky is the limit!" I used my old "Classic," over 20 years, without having to replace ANYTHING, except cleaning out the drip-pan. Being able to grill during rain, snow or Hurricane power outages, for a family of Five, along with neighbors "Shows, rather than Speaking."


The Maverick grill is not worth having. I have purchased three Holland grills and I hate this one. The drain pain will not drain!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Yooper Cooker

I have a large grill I purchased 15 years ago and I carry and use, a companion for my motorhome. I have cooked Turkey, chicken (whole, on a beer can, cut up, to mention a few, ham,fish, burgers, steak, pork chops, to mention a few items. Oh yeas, sausages, hot dogs, corn on the cob.
The only problem I ever had with a Holland Grill was the first issue of my companion and it was taken care of with a phone call.


I ablolutly love my holland and always get a smoky flavor when desired. I have a smoke drawer and use wood chips. I cook on mine at least 4 times a week I don't know what I ever done without it. My food has never been greasy.


"The Maverick grill is not worth having. I have purchased three Holland grills and I hate this one. The drain pain will not drain!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

I have sold a number of these & have never had a customer say anything about draining.??


Helen, I am not sure where you got the idea that the drip pan needs to be clean. It really should season like a cast iron skillet. YOU do have to keep it scraped clean of build up foods, but it should not be cleaned back to its original state. I have a stainless steel model and I do clean it pretty clean once a year, but otherwise I just scrape the drip pan of debris. The smoke pellets will definately put smoke flavors in, but the grease dripping from the foods that you are cooking and hitting the hot drip tray puts smoke back up in the grill to season your foods with the smell from the grease smoking. I sell the Holland grills and have for almost 20 years. Your dealer should offer to come to your home and help you cook a meal, this way you will learn easier. I have to several of my customers before.


someone just like you got fed up with the Apex and gave it to me calling it a pile of junk . My grill of choice has always been Weber,since i started using my holland grill my weber is gathering dust. i have cooked meals for as many as 30 people and it has never let me down ,makes amazing corn bread


i will say this about a Holland. It is not magic in any way just simple. My wife hates to cook and she will be the first to admit not very good at it. She loves the Holland and has started cooking breakfast on it for the kids in the morning. A lot easier to clean up and in AZ you don't need to use the oven to heat the house up. Holland needs to step up and give a refund and take care of the dealer.


TO ALL NEW HOLLAND OWNERS. I have been grilling with my holland for 10 years. I also have never tried to smoke anything on my Holland. Whats the point. I put my own flavor in my meet. This grill is NOT for the newbe.
For the professional user: 2-3 beers during pre-heat, 1-2 beers while the meat is on depending on wind andtempature outside. Tip, if you need to slow down your cooking time because your meet is cooking fast or your not ready to eat yet. Just open the lid enough to pour some beer on the tray and you will throw some steam on your meet and buy yourself some more time to finish your beer or have another one! My HOLLAND will be in my will.


I purchased my Heritage in 2008, and have been happily cooking with it ever since. Yes, there are times you don't get a lot of smoke, but that depends on what you are cooking. It still has that great Holland taste, and I have cooked many meals for the family on this, and it is still going strong. Only grill I ever saw that you could cook chicken on and it wouldn't catch fire! Going to cook some chicken wings and legs this afternoon...yummmm! Trust me, it's worth the money.
If you really want a shock, if you think a Holland is expensive, look at what is running as competition for the Epic on the About grill survey, I looked up the Fire Magic, and literally choked when I saw the price...thousands more, and you still need a rotisserie! Not worth that much money. Holland is a great choice for thousands less. Oh, and BTW, I didn't see anything on their site about a No Flare Up guarantee, just a warning in the Safety section about fires...hmmm, makes me wonder how safe they are. That's ok, I'll stick with my Holland...I know it won't flare up...hasn't since I bought it :) Can't wait for the wings!


I've had my Holland grill for about seven years, and I love it. That said, I have to say that those of us who participate in this forum are a bit thin skinned when someone criticizes Holland. It's sort of like a cult following. I know the frustration of spending a lot of money on a product that is considered top of the line only to find out that it doesn't operate properly. This I is a very special grill unlike any other I've owned. You really have to get used to its system of grilling, and that takes a while. Once you do get used to it, there's no better grill.


I have had my Holland for about 20 years and it finally died. I have been researching Weber, etc...and I can't find anything that even comes close in construction or price to the Holland. I grill about 300 days a year and before we got our Holland I went through about a grill every 12 months. There's a big difference between smoking and getting that grilled flavor . If you want a smoker ...get a smoker. If you want a grill...get a Holland. I've had lots of success putting fresh cut rosemary, thyme or sage on the grill when I'm cooking lamb or beef.


i have owned a epic for four years, i love it so much i bought a second one, you have to remember the holland grill is not like any other grill, once you understand how it works and how to use it you will love it, hands down the best grill on the market...................................


I hate My Holland!! That's an eye catcher lololo!

Sounds like Helen must be in her 70s or 80s, if she has been grilling for over 50 years, and now got her self a new grill Holland. If Helen is so enthusiastic in smoking, get a "little chief smoker", and have something that is ment for smoking! You can pre-smoke your stuff and then on the grill to complete the cooking. Also if you have a grandchild, ask him/her for help. Thats what I do when I have computer problems! lolo
To the one poster, Grilling @ Beer!!! lolo I think it is against the law if you do not have a beer or two when grilling, just in case of flare ups and fire danger! lolo I use the beer stand alot for my chicken, but it takes alot of will power to share some of my beer with the post! Oh I am a Bud man even though I hear they have watered it down, I cannot tell the difference, and maybe thats good, no hang over!

The Holland Co

Thank you all for your comments on this thread. The vast majority of the comments were favorable. We appreciate your interest.

This particular thread has run it's course. Consider it now LOCKED. Please do not add any additional comments.

You are always welcome to start a new thead. We value your feedback


I love our Holland... got it for father's day 4 summers back.... all other grills got given away...

we use the little chip pan,, dunno how much more smoke you would want...

never dealt with holland support... never had to.. our grill performs flawlessly...

been told you'll never get that "charcoal" taste... LOL....

crushed a briquette, put in the chip pan.. everybody raved about the charcoal grill flavor... maybe i'll tell them some day...

nothing but holland grills from here on out for me...


Helen I am sure you are not around any longer. You never said you did anything to the steak. I marinade all my steaks. I like Basque marinade the best but use others. I have never had a steak taste like it was cooked in a house oven, ever. That being said I prefer to cook a rib eye. They are larger and I also inject the marinade into the meat. The Holland Grill is not the type of grill where you just throw it on the grill without doing a little prep work. Some people have recommended Liquid Smoke but I never cared for it's taste. Hands down the Holland Grill is the best grill, BBQ or whatever you want to call it.


@Tony - What temp does your grill max out at? I can't get smoke from chips in my drawer.

@HELEN - I get smoke using wood chips. I soak them for 20 mins, drain them and then lay out a strip of heavy duty foil. Roll up a long thin pile of chips (think long cigar) long enough to go from the front of the grill to the back. Make it wide enough that it does not fall down the crack between the drip pan and the side of the grill. Put the foil wrapped chips in the gap on the left side of the grill. This spot gets hot enough to make lots of yummy smoke by the time the grill preheats.