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Holland grill, $500 junk. DEALER where I bought it had me drill out gas orifice because grill would not heat up and or it would go out. They told me this was a flaw and this is what they do to fix it. Well I still had issues, grill would be heating up, it might be at 400 degrees and suddenly it would cool down, look inside and still see just a little blue flame but would smell unburned gas. Shut it down and restart it might be ok but might do same thing again. 5/31/12, tried to grill out, grill was at 350 degrees and started cooling, I looked in and seen little blue flame and then BOOM, grill blew up in my face, took my beard and some hair off my head. Contacted Holland factory and getting the run around. They say they will call me back in the afternoon and don't. I leave messages and they do not return my call. They say I voided warranty by listening to the HOLLAND DEALER and doing what THEY told me to do to fix the problem. After they get your hard earned $500 they could care less is my impression. Save your money, I hate to say it, just by a china grill. I'm tired of being told someone will call you and they don't. The dealer where I bought my grill that told me to drill the gas orifice out said they have drilled others out, I hope those don't blow up too.

@ Paul

Sounds to me like your beef is with the dealer. Drilling out the orifice is a no-no & has always voided the Holland warranty. Maybe they will take the grill back since it was their idea to drill it out.

Dave Easley

The problems you were having would not be caused by the orifice. It sounds more like a bad regulator or an improperly adjusted air/fuel ratio or a leaking connection or a combination of these. Ask the dealer for a new regulator and the original orifice. Reassemble the grill to OEM and do a leak check with soapy water and a toothbrush.


where about do you live and what dealer told you to drill out the orfice


I'm with the above posters concerning your dealer. IMHO the finger is pointed directly at them for giving you some bad gouge/information.

I'm sure if Holland had an issue with the grills they produce they would not be in business very long. Additionally I have given a cursory look to see if Holland has had any recalls concerning their grills and can't find any.

I have never had an issue with any of the 4 Holland I own nor the one ocompanion I gave to my BIL. I have dealt with cutomer service before for parts and a few accessories and have never been given the run around on anything. I feel there customer service is equal to Webers who most folks say is the gold standard in the grill industry.

I have seen on ths blog and other grilling forums shade tree grill mechanics recommend drilling out an orifice and it will remedy the problem. Never a good idea nor a recommended practice. Holland does a great job and provides the recommended orifice size for each grill configuration (LP/NG) on this web site. If you don't want to buy the orifice from Holland you can pick them up at Ace or Tru Value hardware stores in my area and are quite cheap.

Hopefully the Holland folks do reengage you in conversation and get to the real core problem which seem to be a roque dealer and then works something out with you to get you back to grilling.


I have purchased 3 Holland grills. The Maverick grill is worth less. The drain pan will not drain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Does your 3 grills include the Maverick?

If so then .666% of the time you are happy.

If not then .750% of the time you are happy.

I'd take either of those odds anytime


The maverick was the 3rd grill. I just hate to pay good money for something that doesn't work. Know one should settle for a product that doesn't function properly.


Whoever responds with the @in front of their name must work for Holland.

Stafford P


All you have said so far is that the drip pan doesn't drain. If thats your complaint, then you should have bought the Wrangler that has the standard drip pan.

Lots of stuff doesn't drain from the standard drip pan, that doesn't mean that it doesn't work! Thats why you need to clean the pan on a regular basis.

And NO, I don't work for Holland!


I have made several calls to Holland, they just tell me someone will can me later in the day. I have never heard back. The dealer where I bought the grill from just tells me to get in touch with Holland. After several trips to the dealer in Ohio near me finally they said they would look at it. I took it in today, we will see. What a headache for paying $500+ for a grill that you really thought was a good investment. All you people that have responded on my topic that say "how great" the Holland is, if it is so great I have a slightly used Maverick for sale for $300, come and get it!


No Teresea I'm a happy Holland owner of 4 grills and am a pilot for American Airlines. Prior to that was in the Navy.


Really funny, when I wrote on here about my problems everyone spouted off how good the grills are and kept going. After I put comment about I would sell the slightly used $500+ grill for $300 I have not had a single reply. I guess it isn't as great as they all say. Also I said I took it back to the dealer where I bought it, drove past yesterday (Sunday 8/12) Still sitting OUTSIDE on the front porch of the business in the same spot I dropped it off in myself on 8/3. Just GREAT and WONDERFUL service. You would think if Holland is so GREAT they would surely be more picky on how sells the product wouldn't you?? You would think Holland would just buy it back to shut me up?? Oh wait a minute that's right, Holland WON'T even call me back. They answer the phone, connect me to Phil or Dan and then they tell me someone will call me right back and hang up. This has happened 3 times and NO ONE has EVER called me yet. BUY CHINA, at least when it is junk in a short time you don't have a ton of money you are out.


Just so everyone knows what is going on that is following my issue. I have now talked with the top person at Holland. He "promised" me that he himself will be involved with this issue and call me back within a couple days with what Holland can do for me or my grill. I know I was told by Phil and Dan at Holland that someone would call me before and no one ever did. I will give this guy a chance and hope he does follow up with me as promised. Everyone who reads this knows that when someone says that they will call you with follow up and they never do, how does that make you feel?? That is bad for business. That is what has been happening but I will have an open mind and give this guy a chance on his word, hopefully he will come through. I don't care who takes care of my problem, Holland or the dealer where I bought it, I just want someone to stand behind the product. It is not my fault that I listened to a "dealer" that represents Holland and they told me to do something wrong, is it?? If your car "dealer" tells you to do something you do it, right? You don't call the manufacturer first.

Tom Kirkman

You know, we come here to share recipes, give advice, take advice, etc. etc. These rants about bad service and bad grills just aren't going to carry much weight with any of us who are enjoying our Holland grills. Nor are they likely to endear you to Holland.

My Holland grills are great! I've had only a couple very minor issues and both were handled by the folks at Holland in a professional and friendly manner. It this wasn't the norm, Holland wouldn't still be in business.

Good luck with your problem. Next time you post try putting up a good recipe or sharing a good meal you've cooked. Anything else isn't really something we want to read.


Thanks Tom!!!This thread needed that!!



Something doesn't make sense... did you hit the igniter when you saw that little blue flame......was the lid up or down? I am with some of the others , we are missing details.... If you hit igniter or lit a match when you saw that "little blue flame" and that grill lid was shut, common sense tells you its going to blow up...


I would be interested in buying your grill if it's not blown apart. Thing is by the time I buy the parts to fix it and put it back to manufacturer specs and pay shipping to California I might as well just buy a new one; not to mention my time and hassle. I would have to get it for $100-$150 depending on shiping cost to make it worth my time. If you would be interested in that let me know.


I would like to say that My Holland Grill has been the best grill I have ever owned!! Not only does it allow me to cook the best food ever on the grill, but during one winter we had an Ice storm and the power was out for 10 days.We survived by cooking everything on our Holland grill!!
Great product Keep up the good work!!


I want to thank Barry Byars, Scott Warner and Rod Rickert all of The Holland Grill Co. My grill was reworked with some new parts on 8/20/12 and is now back to the way it should be. It performed better yesterday than is ever has. This has been a learning experience for all that has been involved. I hope I have many years of good grilling to come now. Thanks, Paul



Glad to see that Holland stepped up to the plate. I hope you think twice about buying anything ( grilling goodies) from your dealer.


just bought the apex, cooked some sausage just to try it out.... came out perfect in 10 minutes. didn't check it once or turn them

Thomas Taul

I love my Holland Grill, it's 13 years old and it's the best I have ever had. Now that I'm retired I can't afford a new one so I'm looking for a used one.

@tom Taul

Where are you located. Ebay and Craigs List or garage sales are possible locations


I've had my Holland (natural)gas grill for about 25 years now. When I first got it and it failed to heat properly, I contacted the company and they sent me 3 orifices, each labelled by size and each slightly bigger. One worked perfectly and I've been grilling since. A great durable grill that's lasting a lifetime. More than pays for itself over time when considering how often I was replacing parts and grills from those box stores. 2 spot welds on my grill rack did break, but with my spitfire torch, I brazed them. That is the extent of my issues. Otherwise that grill shows no wear and cleans up nicely. Good for at least another 25 years and I'll be 94 years old.


I bought 2 Epic grills 4 years ago, last year my grill would not heat up, this year we took it apart and it had rusted so badly that it just about fell out of the housing. I could understand it if it was an outside grill but we used it in our garage and it was never outside so how could it rust that badly!!!! I spent a lot of money on these grills, one was a wedding gift. Then I contacted Holland grill online and never got a reply from them! My grill does not heat up at all.

Holland Grill

Please call 800-880-9766 on Monday June 8th after 8 am EST.
Ask for ext. 115.


Jeannette if you look on Holland's website under Support there are troubleshooting steps to take to fix any issue with your grill. The burners need cleaning out/servicing/maintaining just like any product & will eventually need replacing. The burners rust due to heat & using them not the weather.