How to clean your grill

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Using a 3-inch putty knife, scrape the "black crunchy stuff" off the cooking grid, letting it fall down into the drip pan.

Although you should not have to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning your Holland Grill, it is important for proper heating and safety to keep the inside of your grill clean.

Cleanup of your Holland Grill is very simple...but also very important. As you cook on your grill, you'll notice that "black crunchy stuff" will build up on the drip pan. To ensure proper heating it is important to regularly clean the following three things inside your grill:

  1. The cooking grid
  2. The drip pan
  3. The drain pipe

NOTE: THE GRILL WILL CLEAN EASIER WHEN IT IS WARM. USE A SMALL HAND TOWELL OR POT HOLDER TO GRASP THE COOKING GRID TO CLEAN IT. THE BEST TIME TO CLEAN THE GRILL IS RIGHT AFTER COOKING AFTER YOU REMOVE THE FOOD. Clean the cooking grid: As you use your Holland Grill, you'll notice a build up of "black crunchy stuff" on the cooking grid. With a 3-inch putty knife scrape the cooking surface side-to-side, letting all the crunchies fall through the holes down into the drip pan. Use a steel brush on the cooking surface to remove build up that is trapped in the diamond-shaped holes. Grab one of the handles of the cooking grid and lift up on it so you can scrape the underside of the grid as well, again letting all the stuff fall down into the drip pan. Remove the cooking grid from the grill and set it aside. Holland's Cleaning Kit contains the scrapers and brush in a nice convenient package. Clean the drip pan: With the cooking grid removed, use the 3-inch putty knife to scrape the crunchy stuff from the surface of the drip pan. Scrape it down towards the drain channel, until all the debris is accumulated in the channel. You don't have to scrape the drip pan down to it's shiny surface. Just scape enough to clear the buiild-up. Using a 1 1/2-inch putty knife, scrape out the drain channel and scoop out the black crunchy stuff, putting it in your bucket. It is important to keep the drain channel clear to give you maximum heating performance. Clean the drain pipe Finally, you will need to occasionally clear the drain pipe to make sure the drippings can run freely out into your drain bucket. One good idea is to buy a 1/4" steel rod (about 36 inches long from your local hardware store. This very inexpensive investment will give you a good tool to clear out your drain. Bend one end of the steel rod to shape a handle. Grasping the handle, run the steel rod down through the pipe drain to clear out any build-up. After you finish these three easy tasks, use paper towells to wipe off any excess grease from the edges of the grill and smoke stacks. Replace the cooking grid and you're ready to go for the next great Holland Grill meal.