Moreno Valley, CA USA
"It was time for a new grill...a guy just knows these things. I went to the Heart & Hearth Shoppe in Riverside, Ca and saw a different kind of grill cookin away outside the store. I wanted to take a look at what was cookin...but the dealer told me 'when you're lookin, you aren't cookin' it is all done by time and it always turns our perfect and moist. Later I saw what she had been cookin. I took some literature on the Holland and I was hooked. We won some money in Las Vegas and from the winnings, I bought the Grill of my Dreams.... and it really did not cost all that much, after all, you get a top of the line grill... they delivered her and set her up...and I have been thrilled ever since...I use my grill at least three nights a week all year round in So. Calif. And they were right, it is all done by time and it truly does turn out perfect each time. That was over three years ago and I am still in love with my Holland....she truly is the Grill of my Dreams. Thanks Holland. Wild Bill Brethauer Moreno Valley, CA"
— William F. Brethauer