"I just wanted to add my two cents worth on a wonderful product. My wife and I grill year round in northern Iowa and B. H. ( before Holland) we were constantly dealing with overcooked portions or flare-ups causing me to baby-sit over the grill and guess on cooking time. After being at a friends house who owned a Holland grill and eating some of the juiciest and tender pork, I asked him his secret and that is when I knew I had to have this grill. Right after my purchase my wife wasn't too thrilled until several meals were cooked from it ex. chicken, sirloin steak, and trout. then she was hooked. That was three years ago and many meals cooked from our Holland grill. Thanksgiving Turkey to a boneless prime rib roast outside with the temperature at 3 below zero and hearing nothing but "This is so good" I want to thank you again for such a awesome product. Sincerely hooked on your grill. Don and Jacque Fox"
— Don and Jacque Fox