Knoxville, TN USA
"My wife must love me a lot since she bought me a Holland Legacy for our 16th anniversary .... and I was only hoping for the Tradition! Anyway, great experience! Superb workmanship in every detail. Excellent materials quality and everything fit together perfectly during assembly. I've owned gas grills ranging from Kenmore to Charbroil to Weber to a Ducane (recently retired). After a friend of mine first got me interested in the Hollands about a year ago, I decided early on that, from an engineering standpoint, you were the ones who finally got it right! I have found a grill where you no longer have to worry about flame ups and you don't have to know where the 'hot spots' are on the cooking surface. The uniform heat distribution is something you must experience to fully appreciate. I expected to be impressed but I was unprepared for just how impressive my Holland Legacy is. All other grill manufacturers are competing for second place. Holland is clearly out front and pulling away from the pack. If Tool Time's Tim Taylor (TV's Home Improvement) bought a gas grill, the Holland Legacy would be the one! Congratulations on a truly superior product. I expect my Holland to be a part of the family for many years. Graham & Rose Sexton Knoxville, Tennessee"
— Graham & Rose Sexton