Junction City, OR USA
"TO: Brad Holland and Company, Holland Grill I just wanted to pass along some personal comments with respect to the Holland Grill Premier model that we purchased at the beginning of this month. So far we have grilled salmon, pork steaks, swordfish, and chicken on the unit, and I must say that we could not be happier. Our family members are BBQ fanatics, and I have both been perfecting my skills for years, so when I saw your promotional video last month, I confess to being a bit dubious about the Holland system and whether it would make my barbecued food better than it already was. But I liked the look and features that I saw, and we went for it. Well, I am here to tell you that it is better than I could have imagined. The food comes out of the grill sealed and juicy, with a nicely browned surface but never charred. I had not realized how much I had grown USED to standing by with a water bottle to put out the flaming food on the old grill, and I had assumed that scraping off charring was a fact of life with gas grills. I cannot express how nice it is to just shut the lid, start my wristwatch timer, and leave it alone. The trick to this unit, I have discovered, is TIME. Those times in the cookbook mean exactly what they say, and my advice would be not to second-guess them too much. 1-2 minutes over and it is possible to overcook fish and some other foods. Right on time and it is simply the best BBQ food I have ever had anywhere!! It's just no contest. I want to thank Brad Holland and company for producing an outstanding product. The unit looks beautiful with those twin stacks and drippings bucket, cooks wonderfully and in a healthy manner and is versatile and easy to maintain and use. I simply could not be happier with the product or its results! In keeping with the tradition of passing along good recipes for your other customers, we have found a wonderful and simple way to prepare fresh salmon or salmon steaks on the Holland. Use the cooking times cited by the Mike German "grilled whole salmon recipe" on page 32 of the cookbook, but marinate the salmon in the marinade used in "Holland Chicken" by Robert Montague on page 16. That would be 2/3 Italian dressing and 1/3 soy sauce. Brine for about 3 hours, but not over 5. Sprinkle with Holland BBQ spices, and cook 12 minutes per side (no more) as per grilled salmon recipe, page 32. Fill the smoker tray with mesquite or alder chips while warming grill, and smoke while cooking. It is simply to die for! I want to nominate Brad Holland for US President. Now hear me out on this one… He is a man who understands a good thing. IF more people in this country and countries of the world spent less time exchanging angry words and more time exchanging BBQ recipes of the caliber found in the cookbook, we would have a lot fewer international problems and a lot more full and smiling mouths! That translates to more fun and happiness. Problems solved! (Picture this…can't you just see Mr. Holland on the steps of the White House, smoking Holland grill behind him, saying to the camera and the world "Now is this BBQ salmon a good deal, or what?") Just like on his video. I love it! Thanks again, and we look forward to receiving a copy of the latest cookbook when it is published. You may certainly use this letter all or in part in your marketing if you so desire. Very truly yours, Scott and Deborah Nemeth 27265 8th Street Junction City, Oregon 97448"
— Scott and Deborah Nemeth