Granite Falls, NC USA
"WHAT A GREAT REP!! Hello to the people who have made my life so much easier!! Don and I recently went to the Asheville, NC, home show (last weekend) and spoke with the Holland Grill Rep - what a great representative he was. Don has his card with his name, etc. but just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed talking with him and had a concern about our grill not heating up properly. He took us outside to show us a grill he was using and explained what to look for to see is what he was showing us was the problem. After we left him (our wallets $30 lighter!!), we went home that Sunday and fixed our grill. We made chicken on the new device we purchased at the Home Show and also used some of the spices, BBQ Sauce, etc. that we purchased from him. It was fabulous! We also have come in contact at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY, with another of your representatives and they were the same way - helpful and courteous! Don cooks on the grill ALL THE TIME and saves me alot of cleanup time I would have to deal with if I was cooking in my oven. (which we don't use anymore) It has inspired him to really become a great cook and enjoy experimenting with different foods. We gave a grill to my brother in Camillus, NY, and in turn two of my cousins saw them and decided they each wanted one so they purchased them for their homes. We can't wait for the "new" version to come out so we can get one - we're going to give our old one to my other brother in Solvay, NY! We basically have sold quite a few up and down the Eastern Seaboard!!! Thanks for a great product, staff, etc.!!"
— D. and D. Lowman