Pensacola, FL USA
US Navy
"I just wanted to let you know, that the Holland Grill that I inherited from my father is categorically, without a doubt, the greatest invention for hunting enthusiasts since smokeless powder. Venison is the most difficult meat to please the palate. The only part of the deer that people would try to cook without mashing, cubing, hamburgering, etc., would be the backstrap. Generally, this would be done by frying. I came up with a way to cook not only the shoulders in a roast format, but for steaks. I know this sounds nuts if you are not a hunting fan, but to be able to cook deer meat and have your guests not be just polite and say "it certainly is different," but fight over the remaining remnants left on the plate...this is all due to the method of cooking that the Holland Grill System allows. If one utilizes the steam aspect coupled with indirect heat, I guarantee 100% that Venison will taste like a prime cut in your most favorite and expensive restaurant. You not only have a fan for life, but I am convincing the local high school to have a car wash, not for new uniforms but for a new Holland Grill!!"
— Buddy Macon