St. Marys, GA
"For starters, I have owned my Holland Companion for 2 years. If you are unfamiliar with this model, you can find it on the website. This model is a small, compact, transportable, 100% stainless steel grill. I'd like to list some pros & cons about this particular model. PROS: 100% stainless steel - nothing to rust out or burn up. Build quality is excellent. Appearance says quality and performance Cleanup is easy - I scrape the cooking grate and drip pan with a paint scraper and once a year use oven cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. The grill has never flared up while cooking. The grill has always started up after lighting. The drip pan captures all the juices so the foods are bathed in all the good stuff! The meats are always juicy - provided you don't over cook them. I never baby sit the grill. It knows what to do. Just turn the foods once over. It has replaced my oven, which I never use. It's compact and therefore transportable. If space is a premium, this grill is for you. If you don't need or want a huge family sized grill, this is for you. If you want to take you grill to a campsite or event, this grill is for you. I converted my grill with an adaptor allowing the use of a regular sized propane cylinder for economy, but can still use the small camp stove propane bottles. Considering its compact size, I'm always surprised at the amount of food I can actually grill. It has collapsible legs for support that conveniently fold under and out of the way. My grill is set up on a table at just the right height so when cooking, it has the feel of a regular sized grill. The propane cylinder is under the table and the whole unit is streamlined and compact. My grill looks and performs as new after two years of constant use. I grill 2 times per week on average. CONS: If you want to sear your food, this will not work for you. Remember, it's designed to cook at lower temperatures so you don't have to baby sit the food. The flames do not "lick" at the food. If you have a large family or grill for many guests, this may not be the best model. Then again, this is a compact grill. It will be a great alternative for that time when you only need a small grill on the go. As you can see, my list of pros vs cons list is hugely stacked in favor of the Holland Companion grill. But, don't just take my word for it. Give it a try and see for yourself. If I could tell you one thing about this grill that is most satisfying as a consumer it would be that this grill actually does exactly what the manufacturer claimed it would do. If I had to suddenly vacate my home and take only 10 things, my Holland Grill would one of them! I hope this review has been helpful."
— Michael Grubbs