Bainbridge, GA USA
"Here in Southwest Georgia barbeque is a mainstay especially in the summertime, and especially pork, chicken and steak. We recently went to visit our son in Athens at UGA, and took our Companion grill with us. We grilled a steak on the balcony of the hotel we stayed in. Mark said it was the best steak he ever ate in his life. Our younger daughters ask often for me to grill chicken drumsticks with lime juice and spices. One occasion when the electricity was off because of a storm, my wife baked homemade biscuits on the Companion grill to go along with the chicken we grilled for supper. This grill is convenient, easy to clean and handy to carry along anywhere. We've cooked burgers on the beach at St George Island, steaks camping, chops and chicken by the pool. We even take it up the Flint river by boat and grill on the sandbar when we go fishing.We normally preheat the grill on high until the wood chips in the smoke pan begin to smolder then put the meat on and turn to medium and cook. I can't tell you how many times this summer I have put steaks or chops on and mowed grass then came in and took up whatever was cooking and went and ate. Never had to turn meat over and never worried about burning anything. I went to a local hardware store and bought a camper hose which fits the regulator, allowing me to use a 5 gallon propane bottle instead of the 1 lb throw away bottles, when we're at home. So as many others have done, we use our companion several times a week for supper especially when its too hot to heat up the kitchen. Well done! This was an expensive grill but in the long run, well worth it because we use it so much and because it is stainless steel and will last us years longer than a regular gas grill. Sincerely, Kevin Lewis"
— Kevin Lewis