"So, a Holland grill can't do a steak, eh? For some people maybe not, but for some Iowa Barbecue Society judges it can. At this weekend's four day show at the Oktemberfest in Marshalltown, IA., my dealer, Pentz Appliance., and I entered the cookoff contest on Sunday the 29th. Grilling two 3/4" thick Ribeyes on the back corner of a Heritage, Seasoned with only Carolina Seasoning, we took first in beef. Won $100.00! After the judging, several of the IBS judges came to the display wanting to know how we did such great tasting, tender and juicy medium well steak on a lowly backyard gas grill? We showed them in quick order. Sold two of them a grill. Also tied for first in poultry (Cornish Game Hen) and pork (Boston butt with Brad's Sauce mixed with a little honey). Winnings paid for the entry fee and all the food with much left over. Also got radio and tv coverage of the dealer winning, and the Heritage and Chuck Wagon cooking. (Did the roast on the big grill at 325 degrees. (Extreme results) Sold 4 other grills too. Great Weekend!"
— Len Stephens