We grill over 1,000 whole turkeys a year at cooking demonstrations all over the United States. Without fail, people tasting it for the first time are astonished at how moist and tender it is and most say it’s the best they’ve ever had. Why not try your Holiday turkey on a Holland Grill this year? Here's our Top Ten Turkey Tips


To help you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve put together our Top 10 Turkey-grilling Tips.

 1. BUY A TURKEY—We like Butterball. They look great, taste wonderful and grill up to the same golden perfection each and every time. Rather than grill a really large bird, we like to cook medium-size 13-14 lb turkeys. Two of them fit nicely on the Holland Grill cooking surface.

2. GIVE YOUR GRILL A WARMUP—If you haven’t used your Holland (shame on you!) since summer don’t wait until Thursday to fire it up. Give it a test run. Heat it up, make sure it’s getting to 400 degrees or so and make sure you have PLENTY OF LP GAS! Spray soapy water on the gas hoses and fittings to make sure there are no gas leaks.

3. CLEAN IT—Scrape the “black crunchy stuff” that has built up in the drip pan and throw it away. Using a metal rod or coat hanger, make sure your drain pipe is clear and free of obstructions. A clogged drain pipe can cause some big problems when grilling turkeys.

4. BUY YOUR TURKEY NOW and make sure you thaw it completely before you put it on the grill. Read the directions on the label for safe guards and understand a whole turkey needs several days in the refrigerator to properly and safely thaw.

5. USE A DIGITAL MEAT THERMOMETER. We grill our turkeys until the breast meat reaches 180 degrees F. Using a digital thermometer lets you go about your busy day preparing your feast without having to constantly check on the turkey. Allow about 12 minutes per pound for grilling time. A 14-pounder should take about 3 hours. If it’s cold and windy, allow a little more time.

6. START EARLY—nothing is worse than having your hungry guests waiting around for the turkey to get done. If you’re planning on eating at 5pm, try to have the turkey ready no later than 4:30. If you get it ready even earlier, you can wrap the bird in heavy foil. Keep in mind if you wrap it in foil, it will continue to cook a little. The bird should “rest” 30 minutes before carving.

7. TURKEY PLACEMENT—If you’re grilling one medium size bird, place it directly in the center of the grill, breast up, with the drumsticks facing to the left or right side of the grill. If grilling two turkeys, place them side by side with the drumsticks pointing towards you. Don’t let the birds touch each other.

8, USE A BUCKET LINER. Lots of drippings will come out of the drip pan and into your bucket. Cleanup will be so much easier if you line the bucket with a metal coffee can or a 2-litre soft drink bottle cut in half. Use foil to line the bucket if neither of these other things are available. Always let the drippings completely cool before you throw them away.

9. SEASON YOUR TURKEY THOROUGHLY with our Carolina Seasoning. Shake it all over the outside of the turkey and inside the cavity. Let the turkey sit out on the kitchen counter for at least 30 minutes to knock the chill off the bird and the let the seasoning soak in. Lay a piece of wax paper loosely over the turkey while it sits out.

10. USE TONGS and a plate to remove the bird when it’s done. First turn the grill off and then grasp the turkey with the tongs by sticking it into the cavity. Slowly lift up on the turkey and with your other hand, slide a plate under it to help you get a firm grasp on it. Use a metal spatula if the bird sticks to the cooking surface. Gently work the spatula between the bottom of the turkey and the cooking grid until it will move easily then remove as described above. BE CAREFUL not to splash the juices that have settled in the cavity.

We have a video on our website that shows you exactly how we grill a turkey. Go to our website at www.hollandgrill.com and click on the “Watch  Our Videos” icon on the bottom of any page. That’s it! Enjoy your meal and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!