Hot Butt tip

Bill "The Grill Guy" James says to cook the Boston Butt roast for about two hours and then double wrap it in heavy foil and cook for three more hours. The meat will simply fall off the bone.

Have you ever grilled a Boston Butt (part of the pork shoulder) on a Holland Grill? If you haven't you've got to do it. Holland's own Bill "The Grill Guy" James of Arkansas passed along this secret tip that will give you the best BBQ Butt sandwich you've ever tasted!

Bill the Grill Guy has been selling and cooking on Holland Grills for over 18 years. He recently discovered a "secret technique" for making that Boston Butt so tender the bone will just fall out. Here's the secret in his own words: "I take pride in cooking a lot on my Holland Grill. I have been using it 18 years and the food is always really good. I just found a new recipe that utilizes some techniques that I have not used and I thought everyone would find it interesting. The meat turned out to be outstanding and it was a fairly easy procedure to follow." said James. "We were going to a surprise birthday party for a friend and there would be about 18 people attending," he continued. "I usually would get a Boston Butt roast and grill it with Carolina seasoning and it turns out great. Very tasty, tender and moist, just the way the food comes out after grilling on my Holland. These friends know my grilling and I always have to do something to impress them." "I knew my regular recipe would be great. But then I was talking to a friend that used to cook butts in contests. He gave me the recipe that made the day at the party we were attending. Here it is:

  • 2 large Boston Butt roasts, 8-9lbs
  • Carolina Seasoning
  • Aluminum foil
"I put the roasts on the grill with Carolina seasoning on it, letting them grill for about 2 hours. This time I even used some hickory Flav-O-Buds to give a little smoke flavor. After 2 hours, I had heavy duty aluminum foil and double-wrapped each one separately and left them on the grill another 3 hours. After that time, I took them inside and carefully opened the foil to a beautiful, fully cooked roast. The smell was outrageous. I gently removed the bones with my tongs. Each one just pulled right out. It was truly amazing. The roasts were recovered and set aside as we readied for the party." "We went to the party," continued James, "and about 3 hours after taking the roast off the grill, the meat was unwrapped. It was still very warm. I had some rubber gloves and gently tore the meat apart. It just fell apart under my guidance. With tongs in hand, a large serving was placed on a bun for one of the best sandwiches you would want. Several just wanted meat and that was great too." "You may want to try this the next time you want some great pulled pork sandwiches for a large gathering. It was easy and everyone raved about how good it was. I gloated." Well now--I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a juicy, tender pulled pork sandwich. Thanks Grill Guy! Click here to find out why a Boston Butt is called a "butt".