New and improved! The Patriot charcoal grill

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Improvements include a much sturdier pedestal and base; Four heavy-duty casters and a lid thermometer.

For the first time in our long history, the Holland Grill Co. is building you a free-standing charcoal grill--The Patriot! Now you can cook with charcoal, gas, electric or infrared--all from the one grill company you've trusted for years! But the Patriot recently underwent a little facelift that we think makes it the best-looking, best-performing charcoal grill on the market! The new features include:

  • NEW Lid thermometer so you can control the temperature more accurately--vents all the way open to sear, almost closed for slow smoking.
  • NEW Heavy duty pedastal design with side supports makes the rugged Patriot even more sturdy.
  • NEW Heavy duty steel base not only looks great, but it also adds to the Patriot's sturdiness
  • NEW Four heavy duty casters (two locking) to make it easy to move around.

Watch the video.

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Remember that old candy bar commercial--"sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't?" That's the way I feel about grilling--I absolutely love what the Holland Grill does to food, but every now and then I get a craving for something a little different. Holland's new Patriot charcoal grill will give you that choice. Built in the United States down in beautiful Georgia, the Patriot is constructed of the same high quality material that you've come to expect from Holland.
I slowed-smoked a brisket recently on the Patriot mixing natural lump charcoal with some hickory wood chips. Following a recipe from a well known BBQ guru, the Patriot gave me one of the most flavorful pieces of meat I've ever eaten. True, it was a lot of work and not something I would necessarily want to do every day but this lazy Saturday was a perfect time to try something different. It took about six hours but wow! what a meal we had. The smell of that seasoned, marinated brisket slow cooking over the hot coals with hickory smoke slowly making its way through the neighborhood was just too much for my neighbors. Somehow a few managed to show up just as I was taking the brisket off the Patriot.

And guess what--I looked at my deck with the Epic that had our new infrared SearMate attached sitting alongside my new Patriot charcoal and I thought, 'now I've got it all.'

Look for the Patriot at a Holland Grill dealer near you. Trust me when I tell you you'll want one!

Product Features:

  • Four adjustable air vents for temperature control

  • Heavy guage stainless cooking bar grid

  • Heavy stainless charcoal tray

  • "Trap door" to make adding more charcoal a snap

  • Adjustable cooking grid height

  • Durable aluminum construction to protect against rust

  • One-year limited parts warranty (see owner's manual for complete details)