Chef Byrd's Infrared tips and tricks

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We sent Chef Byrd our new SearMate and turned him loose. Try his tips and tricks on your new SearMate!

Although infrared cooking has been around for several years, it's new to us. So we sent a new SearMate to our own Chef Byrd and turned him loose. Read his tips and tricks for cooking on the SearMate. "Hey Chef Byrd, can you stop by my house...and bring a couple of T-bones!"

Infrared technology has been around for many years. When the patent expired a few years ago, grill companies rushed to get in on the craze. I tried reading all the scientific data about infrared technology but I got a headache. So we sent a SearMate to our own Chef Byrd and asked him to teach us the basics of infrared grilling. Many steaks and chicken breasts later, here's what he came up with for you:
"Many consumers, and some Holland Grill owners, tell us they like to sear their steak. The quick process of searing browns and even blackens or char-grills, if you like and seals in more taste. Now, with our new side searing unit attached to your grill, you are the master of preparing a perfectly cooked and seared steak." "Searing adds a tasty flavor, and the contrast between the crust and the softer, juicy interior enhances your enjoyment of a good steak. "Here are a few suggestions for preparing steaks on our searing unit:"

  1. Steaks should be allowed to come to room temperature before placing them on a grill/searing unit. This can be done by wrapping in paper towels for about thirty minutes.
  2. You probably have your own method for preparing your steaks. Coating the meat with olive oil, then adding any of our three seasonings, (Carolina, Greek or Rump Shake) is a simple and delicious method. You may have other preferred seasonings, and you may want to marinate your steaks.
  3. Our searing unit has a high and low setting. On high, sear each side for 1 ½ to 2 minutes, then place on the grill and finish cooking to your desired taste. Some prefer searing and nothing more. On low, you can sear each side for 3 ½ to 5 minutes for a juicy, crusty medium rare steak; or, place on the grill for additional cooking. If you like a char-grilled, blackened taste, sear slightly longer.
  • You can sear and grill delicious pork chops, chicken and other meats by using your side searing unit and Holland Grill together.
  • Peel and cut lengthwise cucumber or zucchini, rub with olive oil and season with our Greek Seasoning, then sear quickly.
  • Quickly prepare a gourmet style ham and cheese, chicken salad or other sandwiches. Regular light bread is fine, but the grocery deli breads such as Italian, Mountain or Multi-grain are even better. Spread a little butter on one side (or without butter, if you prefer), and as that side sears for a minute or so on low, spread some butter on the other side, then flip. Crispy, tasty, and the black marks make a nice food presentation. You can also sear your garlic bread.
  • You can also stir fry on the side searing unit. A little olive oil in the frying pan, with some butter and garlic, with cut bell pepper and Vidalia onion and soy or teriyaki sauce, is delicious…mix over your rice or add your boiled rice to the pan and sizzle it a little. Other vegetables and meats can be prepared in the same manner.
  • Cooking a delicious breakfast outside on the deck or patio while drinking your morning coffee is a wonderfully relaxing experience. Sizzle up country or smoked ham on the searing unit as biscuits are baking on the grill, then place your ham on the grill to stay hot as you scramble or fry your eggs in a pan on the searing unit.
"In the brief time I have used my searing unit, I have only scratched the surface of all the delicious culinary experiences which lie ahead, and I look forward to them. The possibilities are endless." Ok Chef Byrd, now I'm hungry again! click here to watch a short video of the SearMate in action.