Blogger sounds off

Jeff G's Easter Brisket grilled using his Holland as a "slow cooker". Wow, does someone have a knife?

When we started our Holland Grill blog two years ago in November we weren't sure what would happen. We've been pleasantly surprised at the number of you who have blogged about your Holland experience--asking for maintenance tips and cooking advice. Except for the occasional goofy comment, the vast majority of entries have been useful, informative and interesting. Read what blogger and grilling enthusiast Jeff G has to say.

Not too long ago we noticed entries by a blogger with the screen name "JeffG". I followed his comments and noticed that he would often reply to another blogger addressing usage questions and cooking tips for the Holland Grill. His comments were accurate and informative. I first thought this might be one of our great employees at Holland writing anonymously. So I contacted Jeff G. Turns out, Jeff is just an avid fan of outdoor grilling who has owned a Holland Grill for about a year as well as other types of grills. I asked him if he would write about his personal Holland experience. Here's what he had to say, unedited.

By Jeff G

Hello from West Central Florida. Anyone who checks the Holland blog regularly will know me as "Jeff G". I started off grilling with a two zone gas grill about 10 years ago, just grilling burgers, chicken breasts and steaks. I became interested in grilling larger items after a few years so I bought a drum style charcoal grill. I used charcoal for seven years, I loved just about everything I cooked on it, but the grilling preparation and cleanup ritual got old. I started looking at propane grills again for simplicity and less cleanup time. I was in the market for something with at least 3 Zones so I could easily cook indirectly for larger items. During my search, everything that I wanted led me into a price range over $1000. One day I was discussing grills with a friend of mine and what I was looking for, he mentioned Holland, I personally had never heard of them. He first discovered Holland Grills when he was house-sitting for a friend, had cooked on it a few times and was amazed with his results. I started researching Holland on the Internet and everything about the grill made sense to me.

After a few months of research I decided to take the plunge and get a Holland. The best choice for me was the APEX, Florida is very humid and I figured stainless steel would be the best for the climate, and who doesn't like the look of stainless? The closest dealer to me was about 65 miles away, so I headed to Cal's Lawn Equipment in Clearwater, FL excited like a little kid on Christmas morning. My dealer offered to assemble the grill for me, but I have a hatchback and it wouldn't fit, so I decided to build it myself. I have owned my Holland for a little over a year now and still love it, I have made just about everything on it. The steaks are juicy, Turkey was succulent, I can honestly say that I have only made one bad thing on my Holland, but it was my fault! What I love about the Holland is the simplicity, I have a very busy schedule and it makes my life much easier. The best part about owning a Holland is that the food comes out perfect with very little effort or experience. The only things I would add to my Holland wish list, is temperature control, and the ability to use smoke with water in the pan.

My love for grilling has brought our entire family closer together, we used to just get together for a few holidays a year, we now spend a lot more time together and get to enjoy great food in the process.

--Thanks Jeff for your comments. Of course we love grilling here at the Holland Grill Co and like you, appreciate the "experience" of outdoor grilling. I can personally speak to your comment on how it can bring the family a little closer. Keep on grillin' Jeff...and keep on bloggin'!