See The Holland Grill on the TV show the "World's Greatest!" Check listings below.

The Ion Network's popular show, "World's Greatest..." selected the Holland Grill to be featured on an upcoming episode. Be sure to set your VCRs or TiVO and see why they think what we already know...the Holland Grill is the "World's Greatest Grill!"


The Holland Grill will be featured this week on the Ion Network's popular TV show, "World's Greatest...". A few months ago we were contacted by the production company that produces the show for consideration to be on an upcoming episode. After an extensive evaluation period, we were selected to be featured on the show.  All the Holland Grill owners out there already know we are the World's Greatest grill...but now we'll let the world know too!

Here's what the producers say about the show "World's Greatest!..." on their website:

"World's Greatest!...." is a fast-paced tour around the world featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people, and travel destinations the world has to offer!
The 4th season of ""World's Greatest!...." is already underway and this year we're out to knock your socks off with a whole new line-up of some of the most respected and visionary people and companies that you'll ever see! From household names that you've grown up with, to family owned companies that are making a name for themselves, "World's Greatest!...." is sure to entertain, educate, and inform even the most discerning of viewers!

We set the date for the film crew to come to my house for a day of shooting and thought it would be a good idea to bring in our advertising agency and some Hollywood actors the same weekend to do a variety of photo shoots and filming for an upcoming DVD we are producing. Well, next time I will check the calendar before I make such a big commitment--I forgot that the same days the video crew and ad agency were coming (along with five or six of our Holland salesmen and our Vice President) were also the same days as my son's Senior Prom AND it was Mother's Day! So after having a house and yard full of videographers and photographers and lots of big equipment scattered all around the yard and with lots of teenage prom-goers showing up for pictures, my wife WILL be on the TV show!

Here are the air dates for The Holland Grill episode on the "World's Greatest..." (Look for the ION Network cable or satellite channel in your town)

MONDAY--06/28 - 6:30am (Eastern)
SATELLITE (DirecTV ch. 305, Dish ch. 216) -- Single feed
                Eastern viewers - 6:30am local time
                Central viewers - 5:30am local time
                Mountain viewers - 4:30am local time
                Pacific viewers - 3:30am local time 
CABLE (Cable white area affils) -- Dual feed
                Eastern viewers - 6:30am local time
                Central viewers - 5:30am local time 
                Mountain viewers - 5:30am local time 
                Pacific viewers - 6:30am local time 


TUESDAY--06/29 - 7am (Eastern)
SATELLITE (DirecTV, Dish)-- Single feed
                Eastern viewers - 7am local time
                Central viewers - 6am local time
                Mountain viewers - 5am local time
                Pacific viewers - 4am local time 
Cable (Cable white area affils) -- Dual feed
                Eastern viewers - 7am local time
                Central viewers - 6am local time 
                Mountain viewers - 6am local time 
                Pacific viewers - 7am local time 


WEDNESDAY--06/30 - 11am (Eastern)
SATELLITE (DirecTV, Dish) -- Single feed
                Eastern viewers - 11am local time
                Central viewers - 10am local time
                Mountain viewers - 9am local time
                Pacific viewers - 8am local time 
Cable (O&O Broadcast Stations, Cable white area affils) -- Dual feed
                Eastern viewers - 11am local time
                Central viewers - 10am local time 
                Mountain viewers - 10am local time 
                Pacific viewers - 11am local time 
See you on TV!