What's Cooking at Holland August 2012

Volume 12, Issue 8      August, 2012

Has it been hot enough for you this summer? The sweltering temperatures we've experienced across most of the US further emphasizes why we all need a Holland Grill--we can keep cool inside while the Holland does all the hard work outside.  No need to babysit our grill--it won't flare up!

The good thing about August is that it tells us that Fall is just around the corner. And with the coming of Fall also comes the busiest times of Hunting Season. If you haven't discovered yet how The Holland Grill does wonderful things to your wild game, it's time to take a look. From deer steaks, hams and backstraps to fish, duck and even Wild Boar ribs and sausage, the Holland makes your wild game the best you'll ever eat. Take a look at our portable Companion grill--the perfect accessory for deer camp. And you know you want to look good out there. Get geared up for the woods with our new "Get Your Game On" hats and t-shirts.


If you've been thinking about buying a Holland Grill but just haven't taken the plunge yet, we've got a FREE DVD for you! This DVD is packed in all our full-size Holland Grills but you can get yours now to help you make your decision. We tell you who we are and what we do and give maintenance and grilling tips for your convenience. You'll see cooking videos on there for you to get a first-hand view of what we do. Don't expect to see any fancy Hollywood actors in this production--it's just us telling you what we do. Click here to order yours now.

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NEW COLORS  from Holland and just in time for the cool fall hunting weather--our "Get Your Game On" long-sleeve t-shirt. Now available in brown and blue with sizes up to 3X. This is sure to be a favorite gift of your Holland Hunter.  Click to take a peek.

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I got a call from Weight Watcher's © two summers ago and thought...."uh oh, they saw me eating that deep-fried butter at the State Fair." But the great people at WW wanted a professional chef to review the Holland Grill and they would post his results in their online magazine.  This review is worth reading again. Once on the page, scroll down to Avid Grillers' Delight. Click here to read all about it!


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We have a new Grillin' Sauce that we think you will like as much as we do. Give it a try, it's a tangy, vinegar-based sauce that's perfect on chicken, chops and ribs. We call it a "Grillin' Sauce" because it's so much more than just a BBQ sauce. You can marinate in it, cook with it or just dip it. Either way, your taste buds will thank you. Try some today! Click it to read about it Batch 487

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Our facebook page continues to grow as we add more friends everyday. Check out our page to read what Holland Grill owners say about their Holland Grilling experience.  Click here to sign up to be our friend! Click the Like thingy to follow us. Be sure to check back often--we'll give you tips and tricks and later this fall we might be giving away some Holland stuff! We're growing fast and we want you to join our facebook family!




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One of our favorite things about summer is all the fresh vegetables you can grill on your Holland Grill. Click here to see a quick and easy recipe. Who knew squash could taste so good!

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