What's Cooking at Holland

Volume 1, Issue 5      October, 2008

The kids are all back in school and it won't be long before the leaves start to change and the temperatures begin to drop. Fall is a wonderful time of year to grill on the Holland and we have an awesome Fall dessert recipe for you in this issue. We'll also tell you about our fantastic new BBQ sauce and show you a video that tells what real people think about real food on their Holland Grill.

Try our new BBQ Sauce

Our new "Gourmet" BBQ Sauce (BHA5000) is in stock and ready to ship! This new sauce is a "sweet smokey BBQ with a bite" and will definitely be a hit with friends and family. It's a little smokey, a little sweet, and a little sassy--just a little "bite" that will remind you that you've just tasted the best BBQ sauce you've ever had. Get a jar for your favorite griller or why not buy a whole case to spread the love!
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What do people think?

We didn't need to hire a Hollywood crew to show you what REAL people think about REAL food cooked on a Holland. Watch this 9-minute video as we took our camera to the streets. As a special bonus, if you watch the video, we're going to let you print out the recipe book for all the unbelievable food you will see!
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New "how-to" videos

Cleaning your grill regularly is very important to keep your Holland Grill heating properly. We've added a little video to show you how we do it.
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October Recipe of the Month

Back by popular demand! Stormin' Don Norman of Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., gave me this awesome recipe for quick and easy apple dumplins on the Holland Grill. Cook this dish on your Holland Grill and you'll be the apple of their eye.
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All of us at the Holland Grill Co. sincerely thank you for being a loyal Holland-griller. We appreciate you and your support. For those of you who haven't joined our family yet, what are you waiting for? You won't find anything that cooks such delicious food with such little effort. We will soon be introducing several new products that will make your Holland grilling experience even better. Be sure to check back on our website for news. (www.hollandgrill.com).