What's Cooking at Holland

Volume 4, Issue 1      March, 2009

It's heating up at Holland with the anticipation of spring and the official beginning of "grill season." (For us it's always grill season). We have a NEW PRODUCT--The Infrared SearMate that is now shipping to a Holland Grill dealer near you. You're going to love this infrared searing accessory that attaches to the side of your Holland grill. Now you can put a nice seared crust on your steak, chicken breast, pork chop, etc. and then finish it off on the no-flareup Holland Grill! Truly, you can now have the best of both worlds.
But wait, we're not done yet! COMING SOON to a dealer near you is our brand new Patriot charcoal grill. Guess who's been busy during the winter!

Infrared SearMate

THE FASTEST GAS GRILL IN AMERICA!?...What? No one has ever accused us of cooking too fast. But try this...pat out a very thin hamburger. Preheat the SearMate for about 3 minutes--throw the burger on the SearMate for 2 minutes on each side (flip with a spatula)...and there you have it. An awesome seared burger grilled in about 7 minutes! Try it...but first you need to buy a SearMate.

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Chef Byrd's Infrared tips and tricks

Although infrared cooking has been around for several years, it's new to us. So we sent a new SearMate to our own Chef Byrd and turned him loose. Read his tips and tricks for cooking on the SearMate. "Hey Chef Byrd, can you stop by my house...and bring a couple of T-bones!"
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New and improved! The Patriot charcoal grill

For the first time in our long history, the Holland Grill Co. is building you a free-standing charcoal grill--The Patriot! Now you can cook with charcoal, gas, electric or infrared--all from the one grill company you've trusted for years! But the Patriot recently underwent a little facelift that we think makes it the best-looking, best-performing charcoal grill on the market! The new features include:

  • NEW Lid thermometer so you can control the temperature more accurately--vents all the way open to sear, almost closed for slow smoking.
  • NEW Heavy duty pedastal design with side supports makes the rugged Patriot even more sturdy.
  • NEW Heavy duty steel base not only looks great, but it also adds to the Patriot's sturdiness
  • NEW Four heavy duty casters (two locking) to make it easy to move around.

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Recipe of the month--Perfect Peach Crisp

After thinking about all the great food you've just read about, why not top it off with a wonderful Peach Crisp. We've got a good, easy and quick recipe to give you the perfect dessert to round out your perfect Holland meal. I don't know about you, but I'm going to add a scoop of French Vanilla! Click Here to go get it!

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Thank you for being a Holland Grill fan. We appreciate you. We strive to make your Holland Grill cooking experience a good one and to give you the best in customer service. With our full line of full size and portable gas grills and our new infrared SearMate and the soon-to-be-released Patriot charcoal grill, we feel that you can now get anything you want from The Holland Grill Co.