The SearMate WILL flare up...that's what you asked us for. Sear your steak and then finish it on your Holland...the best of both worlds! !

Infrared SearMate (BHA136SU1)

Holland's new Infra-red SearMate gives you high temperature searing capabilities without the expense of buying a full size grill. Simply attach it to the side of your Holland Grill. With the Holland Grill and our new SearMate, you truly have the best of both worlds! NOW AVAILABLE IN STAINLESS STEEL WITH IGNITER! Read More


Product features for Infrared SearMate (BHA136SU1) include:

NOTE: The SearMate is basically an open flame. Never leave it unattended while cooking. Strong winds could blow the flame out

Do you just love that crunchy, crispy, seared crust you get on a steak at some restaurants? Now with our new SearMate, you can have that along with the great no-flareup grilling of the Holland Grill. We think we've hit a homer with our new SearMate! Buy one today for your Holland Grill.

For years, grillers have debated the merits of searing--cooking your steak at a high temperature to carmelize the natural sugars of the meat and give it that great crispy crust. Does searing a steak really "seal in the juices" as is widely touted in magazine articles? Many say yes and just as many say no. Nevertheless, some people love to sear the steak just for the taste of it. If you love that seared taste and also the no-flareup grilling of the Holland, you can now have the best of both worlds. Since the mid 1980s, Holland Grill owners have enjoyed the great no-flareup grilling and the delicious juicy food they get each and every time. Now we are proud to introduce our new infra-red SearMate--an accessory that attaches to the side of your Holland Grill that will give you high temperature searing capability. Simply preheat the SearMate for a few minutes, sear your steak, pork chop, burger or chicken breast for a couple of minutes on each side and place it on the Holland to finish it off. We think we're offering you the best of both worlds with a Holland Grill and the SearMate. Now you can get that great carmelized sear some of you crave and still have it come out juicy, tender and moist when you finish cooking it on the Holland. And of course, you can also grill your baked potatoes, vegetables, breads or anything else you desire on the Holland Grill while searing your steak. It's truly the best of both worlds!

  1. HI and LO temperature settings
  2. Heavy guage stainless cooking bar grid
  3. Slide out drip catcher
  4. Infrared burner ranges from approximately 650 to 950 degrees F.
  5. Attaches to all new full size Holland Grills and most older models
  6. Can easily be converted to operate on Natural Gas (see owner's manual)
  7. Gas hose and brass "T" connection fitting are included.
  8. One-year limited parts warranty (see owner's manual for complete details)


Product specifications for Infrared SearMate (BHA136SU1)...

Cooking Grid Dimensions:

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Customer reviews for Infrared SearMate (BHA136SU1)
Overall rating:
by: Butch Zindel
Date: July 13, 2014
State: VA

Great addition to the grille. Gives the appetizing grille marks searing the meat. Enjoy telling my friends who are big on grilling that my sear plate can reach 900 degrees, which their conventional grilles cannot do. Besides, mine is made in America!

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