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Holland Family Cookbook

Holland Family Cookbook

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Our beautiful new Holland Grill Family Cookbook is a collection of more than 300 recipes that have been carefully selected and assembled by author Connie Barrow. The book includes the history of Holland Grill and how Brad Holland designed the first grill more than 20 years ago. From having his own shoeshine business as a very young boy to inventor of America's Greatest Grill, the biography gives an interesting account of a great American rags-to-riches story. Recipes have been shared by customers, dealers, and employees of Holland Grill and were all tested with mouth-watering results. The book showcases a variety of delicious foods from breakfast to dessert. All recipes can be cooked on your Holland Grill, but if you haven't yet treated yourself to a Holland many of the recipes are suitable for your oven as well. There are also some fantastic cooking tips and outstanding recipes for sauces and rubs that are perfect for any style of cooking. A beautiful hard back 3 ring binder style was chosen so that future recipe issues can easily be added. But wait...there's more! Inside the book is a hard plastic bookstand that lets you prop the book up on the kitchen counter while you're preparing the recipe. (see inset) Pretty cool thing. You will reference the Holland Family Cookbook time and again for your grilling or cooking needs. The Holland Family Cookbook makes a great gift for friends and family - but get one for yourself too!


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Customer reviews for Holland Family Cookbook
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by: james l. gaddis
Date: October 30, 2015
State: LA

The wife threw away the small cookbook that came with the Holland Grill that I bought in 2007. She is jealous of it. Says I love it more than her. She has promised not to throw this cookbook away, since she loves the food that comes off that grill, and Thanksgiving is coming up. I always cook the turkey on it.