The Vintage<BR> (OUT OF STOCK)

The Vintage

Overall product rating 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews).

The Vintage Grill is the newest member of the Holland family.


Product features for The Vintage
(OUT OF STOCK) include:

The newest member of The Holland Grill Family--The Vintage--is built solid and sturdy and with the same great cooking performance as all of our grills. Based on the design of one of our most popular grill models--The Tradition--The Vintage offers much improved sturdiness and stability. Two large wheels make moving the grill a cinch. Our new access panel makes it simple to access the burner for cleaning and as always, you'll love the way the food turns out. Check out our new Vintage at a Holland Grill Dealer near you! Other features include:

  1. Grill temperature thermometer in the lid
  2. Solid one-piece steel base
  3. Wood chip drawer for smoking
  4. Rotary spark ignition system
  5. Powder-coated aluminum bottom shell for long life
  6. Aluminum sizzle tray
  7. Stainless Steel deflector plate
  8. Cast iron burner with a lifetime warranty
  9. Stainless Steel expanded metal cooking grid with a lifetime warranty
  10. Two large wheels for easy mobility
  11. Burner access panel
  12. Complete warranty info



Product specifications for The Vintage

BTU'S: 20,000
Cooking Hours: approximately 21 hours per 20lb propane tank
Shelf-to-Shelf Width: 49 1/2 "
Height: 48"
Depth: 26 1/2"
Cooking Grid Dimensions: 24 5/16" x 16 3/8"
Shipping Weight: 104 lbs
Approved Orifice Sizes: #55 for propane; #48 for natural gas
Holland's newest full-size grill, The Vintage, ships mostly assembled in two boxes. The grill comes factory set to operate on LP gas but is easily convertible to Natural Gas.

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Customer reviews for The Vintage
Overall rating:
by: Paul
Date: March 27, 2016
State: NE

Bought my grill in 1994 best dang grill I have owned, 3 of us bought them at the same time. All 3 grills been used at NHRA events yearly feeding the last time over 45 people with about 7 meals a event
Overall rating:
by: Angie
Date: January 03, 2015
State: AL

Just ordered my second Holland grill. My first one was given to me by my parents and lasted almost 9 years. We use it year round so we definitely got our moneys worth. Will never have another brand of grill!
Overall rating:
by: Dwayne Martin
Date: November 26, 2014
State: LA

I been having my grill for 10 years and the only thing I had to change was the striker. The grill cooks awesome. No Flame is nice and steaks are great. Even makes me a good Grill Master.
Overall rating:
by: Joe Rowe
Date: April 12, 2014
State: NC

The current grill I've had for 8 years, looks like the picture so I assume it's a Vintage. It's my 3rd Holland. I would not buy another brand! This grill will cook anything to perfection including the best steak you've ever had! No need for infrared or any other add on!