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Classic (BH 421-SG-2) 5-yr Limited parts warranty: Cart Replacement Parts

NOTE: If your grill is still in the warranty period (check your owner's manual for your grill's exact warranty) please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-880-9766 during our regular business hours: Mon. - Thur 8am to 5pm (ET) Friday 8am to 4pm (ET).

Please have your MODEL NUMBER, SERIAL NUMBER (located on grill)
and DATE OF PURCHASE ready BEFORE you call.

We can NOT process a warranty claim without these numbers.
If your grill is out of warranty, see parts and pricing below. Thank you!

Key Part # Description Retail Price
(plus freight)
2. SG2-520 ZEE-BRACE $54.85 Add to Cart
3. SG2-404 MID BRACE $5.68 Add to Cart
4. SG2-403 AXLE BRACE $11.03 Add to Cart
5. SG2-510 FOOT, HERITAGE $7.99 Add to Cart
6. SG2-401 Axle - AG2, AG3, AG4, SG2, SG4, SS1, SS4 and SS5 model grills $13.01 Add to Cart
7. AG2-400 Wheel $15.44 Add to Cart
8. AG2-402 Push nut black $3.58 Add to Cart