Whether you pull it or pick it, Theresa's Incredible Boston Butt will surely become one of your favorites!

Theresa's Incredible Boston Butt

Theresa from Kentucky submitted this Incredible Boston Butt recipe. Her rub mixture is out of this world!

3-4 lb Boston Butt
1/4 c brown sugar (Splenda works well too)
2 tblsp Carolina Seasoning (or Holland Spicy Cajun)
2 tblsp Holland Lemon Pepper Shake
2 tblsp Paprika
1 tblsp Coarse Pepper
2 tsp Ground Coriander
2 tsp Fennel Seed (optional)
1 tblsp Dry English Mustard
2 tsp Garlic or Onion Powder
6 Garlic cloves peeled
1 tblsp Meat Tenderizer
Mix all the ingredients listed in the rub recipe well. Select a 3-4 lb Boston Butt and score diamond pattern on on fatty side about 1/2" deep. With hands, rub spice mixture into pork coating all areas. Using small knife, cut 6 openings and insert one garlic clove in each.
Place Butt in large baggie and refrigerate overnight.
Place on preheated Holland Grill for one hour.
Remove from grill and wrap tightly in heavy foil
Place back on grill. Insert digital thermometer and set at 170 degrees F. Continue cooking until desired temperature is reached.
Allow to stand 10 minutes in foil. Then serve.
This is so good you won't need BBQ sauce, but use some if you desire.
Additional Information
Difficulty Level: 1 ·  Preparation Time: 30 minutes ·  Recipe Source: Theresa from Kentucky ·  Serves: 8-10 ·  Cooking Time: approx 3 hours ·  Where To Cook: Main Cooking Grid ·