Bacon, bacon, bacon. Everyone seems to love a good piece of bacon. It's certainly a popular ingredient to many recipes so we thought we'd give it a go with a bacon-wrapped turkey. Our efforts were definitely worth it.

Bacon Basket Turkey

This recipe was developed by The Holland Grill Co. after seeing several similar recipes for smokers and pellet grills. We set out to prove how delicious this recipe would be when grilled on a Holland. You must try it!

12-14lb Whole Butterball turkey
1/2 lb Wright's Applewood smoked thick bacon
Carolina Seasoning
Holland Hickory Flav-o-buds smoke pellets
We saw an awesome image of a bacon-wrapped turkey on the internet and set out to see how it would turn out grilled on a Holland Grill. We figured it's a can't-miss proposition to combine two popular meats to create this delicious anytime meal. Start with a Butterball turkey and wrap it in thick-sliced smoked bacon and you've got a winner. Here's how we did it.

Select a Butterball turkey approximately 12-14 lbs. Completely thaw and remove giblets.
Preheat Holland Grill for 30 minutes.
Separate skin from turkey breast and insert 3 pieces of bacon (cut in half) in between the skin and the breast meat. Place a strip of bacon inside the turkey cavity as well. Season the turkey liberally on the outside and inside the cavity with our Original Carolina Seasoning. Let the turkey stand about 30 minutes to knock the chill off and to allow the seasoning to absorb into the meat.

Place the turkey directly on the cooking grid, in the center, breast up with the legs pointing to one side. Grill for two hours until slightly brown.

(TIP: Figure about 12 minutes a pound for total grilling time. If it's cold and windy give yourself plenty of time to grill the turkey before your guests arrive. If you finish the turkey early, you can always wrap it in foil to keep it hot.)

After two hours of grilling, carefully remove the turkey from the grill and place in glass baking dish. After you remove the turkey add a hand full of Hickory Flav-o-buds to the smoke chip drawer and let them start smoking. Rub the turkey skin down with butter to help the bacon-weave to stick. Lay strips of the thick bacon in a "basket-weave" pattern over the top of the turkey.

Remove turkey from the baking dish and place it back onto the grill and cook until finished. Insert the tip of the temperature probe of our Wireless Digital Thermometer into the breast meat, penetrating at least an inch and not touching a bone. The turkey is done when the temperature of the breast meat reaches 175-180 degrees F. Remove turkey and let stand for 20-30 minutes (If you can keep your guests away from it!)

Serve with your favorite rolls, hot, buttery mashed potatoes and some corn and you've got a great meal for any time of the year.

Additional Information
Difficulty Level: 2 ·  Preparation Time: 30 minutes ·  Serves: 6 ·  Cooking Time: approx 3 hours ·  Where To Cook: Main cooking grid · 
Items You May Need

Smoke Pellets