Quick & Easy Pizz-a-rito

When you're in the mood for something fast, hot and tasty, try this quick and delicious Pizz-a-rito! Perfect for ballgames.

Large Burrito or flour Tortilla wrap
1/2 cup pizza sauce
1 cup shredded Mozzarella cheese
12-15 Pepperonis
Holland Pizza Stone
Yellow cornmeal

Preheat Holland Grill with Pizza Stone on grill until fully heated; Use a flat cookie sheet or pizza pan to prepare Pizz-a-rito. Pour pizza sauce on burrito, spread with the flat side of a spoon; Spread cheese on top of sauce and place pepperonis on top of cheese. Spread some cornmeal on the pizza stone to keep pizza from sticking; With a spatula, slide the Pizz-a-rito directly onto the hot pizza stone and grill for 10-12 minutes or until buritto starts to curl a little on the edges. CAUTION--when done, leave Pizza Stone on the grill and transfer Pizz-a-rito from hot pizza stone with a spatula onto cookie sheet. Turn grill off and let Pizza Stone cool completely before removing. Or heck, just cook up several more! Serve with a fresh tossed salad and you've got a quick, awesome snack--perfect when it's just the two of you. If desired, add Hickory Flav-o-buds to bud tray while grill is preheating to give a slight smokey flavor.

Additional Information
Difficulty Level: 1 ·  Preparation Time: 10-min ·  Recipe Source: Inspired from the creations of Big Stu--King of the Barbeque ·  Serves: 2-3 ·  Cooking Time: 10-12 min ·  Where To Cook: On HG Pizza Stone on grill surface ·