If you've never cooked a Boston Butt on the Holland Grill it's time to get your butt--from the grocery store--and grill some bodacious bbq!

Bodacious Boston Butt BBQ

Boston Butts are one of the world's best kept secrets--but you've probably eaten it many times at your favorite BBQ shack when you ordered pulled pork. This recipe is one of many ways you can fix your own "bodacious bbq."

1 Boston Butt Roast (football-size)
Carolina Seasoning
Private Stock Chicken & Chop Rub
Black peppercorns
2 12 oz. cans of beer

You'll need two days to complete this recipe but with a little planning you'll be able to have great pulled pork sandwiches for several meals.
If you don't know what a Boston Butt is (I didn't) CLICK HERE for a short history lesson. Try to catch a sale at your local grocer. I've bought it at 99 cents a pound many times. Buy several and freeze the ones you don't use.
You'll be using your Holland Grill as a "slow cooker" for this dish.
CLICK HERE for a refresher on slow cooking on the Holland Grill.
First, close the drain valve on your grill. Fill the drip pan with a gallon of water. Add one can of beer to the water. Light your grill and let it preheat until you see steam coming out of the smoke stacks.
Let the Boston Butt sit out (covered) on the counter for 45 minutes or so to knock the chill off the meat. Season it liberally with Carolina Seasoning and our Chicken and Chop Rub. Add some fresh, coarsely ground black peppercorns to the top side of the meat. Place the butt on the center of the cooking surface and close the lid. You will need to add more water to the drip pan every hour or so as it will steam out. To add water, simply raise the lid and carefully pour the water from a pitcher into the drip pan. At any point in the cooking process after you've added more water, slowly pour 1/2 can of beer over the top of the Boston Butt while it is cooking. It's a good idea to put the grill in the shade to help keep it cool. You're trying to keep the temperature low during this cooking process, somewhere around 275 to 300 degrees. Keep adding water until the meat is done. Some people like to let all the water boil out as the meat nears the "done" point and let it grill at the regular temperature for a half hour or so to get a light "crust" on the meat.
After the meat has cooked an hour or so (total cooking time will be 5-6 hours depending on the size of the meat) place your digital thermometer into the thick part of the meat and set it for 180 degrees.
When the meat reaches 180 degrees, remove it from the grill and wrap it loosely first with wax paper and then aluminum foil. Place it onto a large plate or deep dish pan and let the meat cool. When meat has cooled some, wrap it tightly in the wax paper and foil and refrigerate overnight.
The next day, place meat in large deep dish pan and pull the meat apart into smaller pieces. Discard any bone, gristle or fat.
Place meat pieces in crock pot, (If you don't have a crock pot, look up in the attic. Someone surely gave you one as a wedding gift) pour in the other 1/2 can of beer and season lightly again with the two seasonings and pepper corns. Set the crock pot on low and let it slow cook for about 5 hours or until meat is very "stringy" and easy to pull apart. Check the meat occasionally, mixing thoroughly with a wooden spoon.
Serve the BBQ on a large white hamburger bun (Sara Lee has some great buns) and add some of your favorite BBQ sauce. Serve with potato chips, baked beans, cole slaw and a few dill pickle slices. Add some sweet tea and a piece of chocolate pie and come and get it!

Additional Information
Preparation Time: Two days ·  Serves: 6-10 ·