Lobster Tails

Grilling time: 15-18 minutes
Cook on half rack

12-14 oz tails
1/2 stick butter melted
lemon wedges
Split the shell down the body from the thickest part to the tail. Open shell like you would an oyster. Take the meat out of the shell and turn the shell over. It will like an "M". Lay the meat back in the upside down shell with the meat at the tail end of the shell. Set the lobsters in a pan with about 1-inch water in the pan. Drip water over the tail and then drip melted butter over the top to add flavor and color. Place the pan in a preheated Holland Grill on the half rack. Lobster is translucent when raw, so when meat is done it will turn white, usually in about 15-18 minutes. When done drip melted butter over the top and add a lemon wedge. If you prefer, leave lobster meat on the shell to serve.