Low-cal Talapia Meal

Talapia is a great-tasting, healthy and simple fish to fix on the Holland Grill. Try John Lowry's special recipe for a delicious dinner.

Talapia filets
Olive oil
Lemon pepper
Crushed pecans
Whole lemon(s)
Finely diced tomatoes, basil, onions
Brush filets with olive oil. Sprinkle lightly with lemon pepper and roll the filets in crushed pecans.
Spray the cooking grid of The Holland Grill with Pam Cooking Spray to prevent sticking and preheat. (Do this BEFORE you light the grill). Place filets on cooking surface of preheated grill. Cut lemon(s) in half and grill face down next to fish (approximately 15-20 minutes). Flip fish with spatula after 10 minutes and grill 5-10 minutes more, depending on the thickness of the filets. Serve the fish over Zatarian's New Orleans Style Yellow Rice. Top with tomato, basil and onion mixture and squeeze the juice from the grilled lemon on top. Add some steamed asparagus spears, boiled potatoes and rolls and you've got yourself a meal!