They say you get the best brisket in Texas. I've been there and eaten some of the best brisket I've ever had in my life. Here's a great recipe submitted by one of our regular bloggers for you to grill on your Holland.

Jeff G's Beef Brisket

Jeff G from Florida sent us his brisket recipe complete with pictures and his "secret" rub. Grilling this is an all-day project but the results are mouth watering!

1 13-15lb Whole Packer Brisket (choice cut)
1-2 cups apple juice
Holland's Hickory or Mesquite Flavo Buds
Rub Mix
1/4 cup sweet paprika
1/4 cup light brown sugar
1/4 cup kosher salt
2 tbs ancho chili powder
2 tbs cracked black pepper
2 tbs garlic powder
1 tbs onion powder
2 tsp mexican oregano
2 tsp cumin
You will be using your Holland Grill as a "steamer" or slow cooker for this recipe. Refer to your owner's manual or Click here to review how to use the Holland Grill as a slow-cooker.

This recipe uses a very large cut of meat. If using a smaller cut, reduce grilling time. But what the heck, buy the big one. The leftovers are awesome!
Trim the brisket until the fat cap is approximately 1/4". (Jeff cuts a slice on the Point of the brisket with the grain of the meat so he will know which way to slice it later.) Cover the meat with Jeff's rub, coating liberally. Wrap the entire brisket in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.
When you're ready to grill, close the drain valve and pour 1 gallon of water directly into the drip pan. After you've filled the drip pan, light the grill and place the brisket directly in the center of the cooking grid. You will need to add more water about every hour to keep the temperature down. You want to keep the cooking temperature of the grill around 250 or so. After about 4 hours, check the meat temperature. When it reaches 165 degrees, double wrap it in heavy duty foil. Pour about 11/2 to 2 cups of apple juice over the brisket before you secure the foil. Place the wrapped brisket back on the grill, wrapped tightly. Jeff grilled his brisket for two more hours until it reached 195 degrees, (internal meat temperature) checking the tenderness by inserting a bamboo skewer into the side of the brisket. If it goes in with little resistance, it's done. Total cooking time for this size brisket was about 7 hours--5 hours slow-cooking directly on the grill and 2 hours double-wrapped in heavy duty foil. Many brisket grillers like to place the foil-wrapped brisket inside a towel-lined cooler for a couple of more hours to let it simmer in the juices. If the foil is leaking, place the meat (still wrapped) in a pan and place in the cooler. Stick your digital thermometer into the meat-through the foil making sure the meat temperature does not fall below 145 degrees. Some folks like to separate the Flat and the Point of the brisket before slicing since the grain of the meat runs in two different directions. Slice it thin against the grain and get ready to chow down!
NOTE: If you want to add a little smoke flavor to the brisket before you serve it, remove it from the foil being careful to save the juices. Use Holland's Hickory or Mesquite smoking buds in the bud tray or chip drawer. (if you don't have a bud tray, or want more smoke, use those little foil tart pans. Wedge it into the back corners UNDER the cooking grid and between the drip pan and grill body). Make sure your grill is cool and all the liquid is drained out. Open the drain valve and light the grill as you usually do. With the lid closed, let the Flavo Buds start to smoke. Once the buds are smoking, place the brisket directly on the cooking grid (place it up high on the half grid if you have one) and close the lid for 15 or 20 minutes. This will give you a very light smokey taste.
Additional Information
Difficulty Level: 3 ·  Serves: 10-12 ·  Cooking Time: 6-7 hours · 
Items You May Need

Smoke Pellets