Dessert and Bread Recipes

Apple Pie on the Grill
If you have ever been to a Holland Grill cooking demonstration, you probably have seen the sales representative cooking an apple pie on the grill. Give it a try...but only if you have a Holland Grill.
Stormin' Norman's Easy Apple Dumplins
Stormin' Don Norman, owner of Don's Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, TN. supplied this awesome apple dumplin recipe. It's quick, it's easy and it's good!
Grilling time: 30 minutes
Cook on the half grid
Grilling time: 9-10 minutes
Main cooking grid
Grilling time: 6-8 minutes
Main cooking grid
Grilling time: 55 minutes
Either main grid or half grid
Peach Crisp
Grilling time: 20-30 minutes
Either main grid or half grid
Grilling time: 45-50 minutes
Main food grid or half grid
Grilling time: 35-40 minjutes
This one won't keep the doctors away. They'll be asking you for more!
If you've ever hosted a holiday gathering, you know it's hard to come up with "something different" to serve for dessert. Give this holiday treat a try on your Holland Grill and get ready for all the "ooohs and aaahhhhs."
Carolyn's Fresh Apple Pie on the Holland
Carolyn says this will yield the best pie crust ever. She says that she didnt' think it possible to have a flakier crust until she baked a pie on her Holland Grill.
Monkey Bread
Our great friends at HG Distributing put out a great collection of recipes every year. This is one of our favorites.
Kwik Breakfast Kolaches
On a recent visit to West, Texas we stopped for gas. It was about 6:30 am and there was a line forming outside a little building by the gas station with a sign that read "The Little Czech Bakery". We went in an immediately knew why the line was long. This little bakery serves up some of the most incredible Kolaches ever made. Kolaches are a pastry from Central Europe and consist of a sweet bread stuffed with just about anything you can imagine. We offer up with this quick recipe for you to enjoy.

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