Breakfast Recipes

Simple Grilled Sausage & Biscuits
If you've ever been to a Holland Grill cooking demonstration, you've no doubt seen the Holland rep grilling sausage and biscuits. They are quick, easy and great on Sunday mornings!
Eggs Holland Style
Make eggs on your Holland Grill for a delcious egg and sausage sandwich.
Sweet Cinnamon Rolls
Satisfy that early-morning sweet tooth by grilling cinnamon rolls on your Holland Grill. It really is the "icing on the cake."
Here's a great recipe to wow your guest with...who would ever think you could cook an omelet on a grill!
Holland Breakfast Pizza
This is sure to become a family favorite breakfast by the slice on your Holland Grill!
Complete Breakfast
Nothing like grilling your breakfast on the Holland Grill on a cool Sunday morning. (or any morning for that matter). Try this complete breakfast on your Holland and you may never use the stove again!
Bacon on The Holland

Bacon on The Holland Grill is one of life's little treasures. Once you've done it, you won't go back to the skillet.

Judy's Breakfast Casserole

Judy from Marietta, Ga. gave us this wonderfully delicious recipe that you will absolutely love any time of year.

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