Poultry Recipes

Vidalia Stuffed Chicken
Grilling Time: 60-75 minutes
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Turkey with Oyster Stuffing
Grilling Time: 2 1/2 hours
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Holland Thermo/Timer
Country Turkey & Apples
Grilling time: 2 hours
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Holland Thermo/Timer
Oriental Grilled Chicken
Grilling Time: 60 minutes
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Sunday Best Fried Chicken
Grilling time: 45-50 minutes
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Grilling Time: 45 minutes
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Grilling Time: 40-60 minutes
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A dish made with boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
Cola Can Chicken (Holland Grill Style)
Adapted from the Beer-Can Chicken and 74 Other Offbeat Recipes for the Grill by Steven Raichlen Workman Publishing Company, Inc.
NOTE: Use Holland's Roastin' Post instead of a cola can or beer can. It's wide base will keep it from tipping over and it's designed to steam the flavor into the chicken from the inside.
Grilling Time: 25-30 minutes
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Grilling time: 60-75 minutes
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Grilling Time: 25-30 minutes
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Preheat Holland Grill
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Preheat Holland Grill
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Grilling Time: 25-30 minutes
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Grilling Time: 50-60 minutes
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Holiday Turkey or Ham On The Holland*

If you've ever been to a Holland Grill cooking demonstration, you've probably seen the Holland rep grilling a whole turkey. We do this because people can't believe how moist and juicy the turkey on the Holland is and how easy it is to do. They turn out golden brown everytime. So why not cook your next turkey on the Holland Grill!

Zesty Chicken Fajitas
Wow! This one will make your eyes water. It tastes so good you won't be able to eat just one.
If you love turkey, you've got to try this great recipe from the kitchen of Gina and Bruce! Don't wait for Thanksgiving, grill it now!
Super Chicken Wings

Want a quick, tasty snack? Try some Holland-grilled wings. Hassle-free and delicious!

Bacon Basket Turkey
This recipe was developed by The Holland Grill Co. after seeing several similar recipes for smokers and pellet grills. We set out to prove how delicious this recipe would be when grilled on a Holland. You must try it!
Pollo Asada (Mexican grilled chicken)

Chicken on The Holland Grill is one of the world's great delights. Here's a little twist Mexican (or Cuban) style with a recipe we borrowed and modified from one of our favorite cooks The Pioneer Woman. Pollo Asada.....awesome in any language!

Chicken & Pork Kabobs

Avid Holland-griller Tom K from the great state of North Carolina knows how to use his Holland. Here's one of Tom's most recent delicious meal ideas for you to enjoy.

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