Vegetables Recipes

Prep Time : 10 minutes
Cook Time : 30 minutes
Use main grill
Baked Sweet Potatoes
A quick and healthy way to have sweet pototates.
Grilling time: 50-60 minutes
Half grid
Quick and Easy Grilled Veggie Medley
This recipe is a favorite of Holland Grillers all over the country. It's healthy, quick and delicious!
Cabbage is awesome on The Holland Grill. Plus, you won't stink up the kitchen!
This recipe is so sweet is should be under the "Dessert" category.
Believe it or not, my kids REQEST this dish for their birthday dinners. You'll love seeing yours gobble this one up.
Theresa from Campbellsville, Ky. gave us this tasty treat.
This tasty recipe is a great compliment to any meat dish.
Hash Brown Casserole
If you like potatoes and cheese, you're going to love this easy-to-make hash brown casserole. Thanks to Allen and Jeanne from Montello, WI for submitting this awesome dish!
You can't beat burgers and beans grilled on the Holland Grill. Try this smokey baked bean recipe at your next cookout.
Bacon-wrapped Asparagus
This great vegetable dish compliments any meal or serve as appetizers.
Stuffed Green Peppers

When the summer garden vegetables start rolling in, we've got a few good ideas of what to do with them on the Holland Grill. Here's an excellent recipe for Stuffed Green Peppers using our Veggie Roastin' Rack.

Ken's Jalapeno Pepper Poppers

Holland's own Ken Camp submitted this awesome appetizer recipe which is sure to spice up your next cookout.

Cookin' Kenny Camp's Veggie Gumbo

Holland's own Cookin' Kenny Camp gave us this awesome recipe for Veggie Gumbo. We've listed many ingredients but it leaves you the room to experiment with your favorite spices and veggies.

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