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Beef Ribs
This is an easy recipe, just be sure to allow enough time for the ribs to marinate.
Grilling Time: 2 and one-fourth hours
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Grilling Time: 18-20 minutes
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Grilling Time: 60 minutes
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Grilling Time: 1 and 1/2 hours
Main Food Grid and Half Grid
Grilling Time: 20 minutes
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Grilling Time: 45 minutes
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Side Burner
Holland Thermo/Timer
Grilling Time: 2-1/2 hours
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Holland Thermo/Timer
Preheat Holland Grill
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Grilling time: 60 minutes
This recipe was submitted by Kim of Cadiz, Ky.
Grilling time: 60 Minutes
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Skillet-seared Holland Sirloin
There's no juicier steak than one that has been cooked on a Holland Grill. To add a little extra flare, try "searing" it in a hot iron skillet before you grill it.
Spicy beef tenderloin
Stacee Martin of Kentucky is famous for her incredibly delicious spicy beef tenderloin. You've got to give this one a try!
Jeff G's Beef Brisket
Jeff G from Florida sent us his brisket recipe complete with pictures and his "secret" rub. Grilling this is an all-day project but the results are mouth watering!
Bubba's Jalapeno Meatloaf
Big Bubba is always grillin' on his Holland at the beach. This is one of his favorite summertime dishes.
You've got to try this recipe for meatloaf made famous all over the Northeast by the "demonstrators" of our great friends at HG Distributing. It's a keeper!
Monster Meatloaf
Meatloaf is not an appetizing word. I used to "trick" my kids into eating meatloaf by giving it another name..."C'mon kids, we're having Cheesy Beef Roll." Didn't work. But folks, this meatloaf recipe is to die for, no matter what you call it! Thanks Chelsi.

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