Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my grill not get as hot as it used to?

You may find at some point that your Holland Grill is not getting as hot as it used to. A rule of thumb is "If your grill WAS getting hot, and NOW it is not, then something is blocking the flow of the gas." Most of the time, this problem can be taken care of quite simply. First, turn off all the gas, both at the grill and at the LP tank. Then, unscrew the plastic coupling from the LP tank for a few seconds (you may hear a slight hissing sound as you do this--that's pressure being released and is normal) then reattach it. After the regulator hose is reattached, light the grill (with the lid OPEN of course) by turning on the gas and turning the striker knob at the same time. Performing this task will USUALLY take care of a low-heat problem. If it does not, click here to read more tips. (Watch the short video to see how to purge the regulator hose).