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How do I grill steaks and hamburgers on my Holland Grill?

NOTE: You need Internet Explorer to view this video. It will NOT work with Firefox for some reason. We're working on it. Thanks. There is one thing you'll have to get used to when grilling steaks and hamburgers on your Holland Grill--they won't catch on fire and you won't have to squirt the grill with the garden hose to put the fire out! Place your burgers or steaks close to the outer edges of the grill where it is the hottest. Leave about an inch or so between the outer edge of the cooking grid and the meat so you won't accidentally splash grease over the drip pan into the flame. Don't overload the grill and use tongs to turn the meat instead of a spatula. Try grilling a 3/4" steak about 10 minutes on each side. If you want it more done, add more time to your taste. Same with burgers. Get ready for one of the juiciest steaks and hamburger you've ever eaten. Blackened but not burned--done all the way through. This little video shows you how to do it. Watch our other videos