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Here we give you details on what is covered and what is not under your Holland Grill warranty

What is the warranty on my grill?

For those of you who have purchased a Holland Grill...or for those of you who are considering it...the warranty is certainly an important deciding factor. We've all owned products that we thought were protected by a warranty but ended up not covered when we read the fine print. In an effort to clarify and leave no doubt about the warranty you get with a Holland Grill, we have tried to give you just the facts. So here we go: Parts only--The warranty on any Holland Grill covers only the parts. There is NO LABOR warranty on any Holland Grill. The reason we have no labor warranty is simple--you can put all the parts on yourself. There are no motors, switches, wires, pumps, etc., to fool with. Many retail dealers will do the more time-consuming replacement procedures, like rebuilding a rusted grill, but will also charge you their local trip charge and/or service rate. Shipping and Handling--Even though a part may be in warranty, you are still responsible for shipping and handling charges. The cost to ship anything these days has skyrocketed and we also have to pay a person to find the part, box it up (the boxes are expensive too) prepare it for shipping and then ship it. We don't make money on this. So, you pay the S&H and the part is FREE during the warranty period. Pretty good deal. No Flare-ups--All full-size Holland Grills have an exclusive No Flare Up warranty. Because we separate the food from the flame we can offer you this valuable protection. But, there are some conditions. First, this no flare up warranty applies only to the drip pan flaring up when grease strikes it during normal grilling. It does NOT cover a gas leak around a loose or cracked hose or flareups caused by splashing grease over the side of the drip pan (such as might happen when you flip a greasy hamburger with a spatula too close to the edge) or flareups that may result from improper use or neglect. Blah, blah, blah. But don't worry, it really is a good protection and the Holland Grill won't flareup during normal use. Click here to read the entire No Flare Up Warranty. Lifetime Warranty--Wow, a lifetime warranty. This grill will outlast me!. Here's the scoop--The stainless cooking grid (part no. SG2-300) and the cast-iron burner (part no. SG2-105) of all full-size Holland Grills not used in a commercial environment (like ballparks) are guaranteed for the "life of the grill." We've always honored this and have no plans to change it. are still responsible for SHIPPING AND HANDLING charges if these two items need to be replaced. Hey, it costs a ton to ship things these days with the rising price of fuel. We also have to pay someone to go find the part, to pack it; the box is expensive, blah blah blah. You pay the shipping and handling and we'll give you the part. Pretty good deal, huh? There has been some confusion over the years about this lifetime warranty thing. Some customers feel they were told the ENTIRE GRILL was guaranteed for life. Not so. I don't know of any product anywhere like this. Just the BURNER AND STAINLESS COOKING GRATE have this lifetime warranty. Believe me, customer satisfaction is a top priority with The Holland Grill Co. We want that grill on your deck forever.
Rust--Here's how one of those internet dictionaries defines rust as a noun: Any of various powdery or scaly reddish-brown or reddish-yellow hydrated ferric oxides formed on iron and iron-containing materials by low-temperature oxidation in the presence of water.
But as a verb (didn't know we'd be giving an English lesson, huh?) it defines rust this way: To deteriorate or degenerate through inactivity or neglect.
So, the weather and you have alot to do with your grill rusting. The Holland Grill company has NEVER had a rust warranty on any of its grills, even the stainless steel ones. BUT...we do have a very generous policy regarding grills that have rusted out. During the warranty period of your specific grill, we will supply the parts if you pay the SHIPPING AND HANDLING. Not a bad deal, considering we do not have a rust warranty. Most of the rust will occur in the bottom "shell" (the bottom half of the grill that contains the burner and cooking grate) because this is where all the action is. Heat, water, salt, etc. accumulate in the bottom of the grill and can cause rust...especially if the grill is "neglected or not used." So how long your grill will remain rust-free is largely up to you. Like anything else, take care of it and it will last. Neglect it and you'll see the effects. But don't worry, even if your grill rusts through, we can help you rebuild it and keep it cooking for a long time. So in a nutshell, there you have it. We want you to use your Holland Grill for a long time. If you need a part during the warranty period, you help us with the shipping and handling and we'll give you the part free. If you would like to see the warranty for your specific grill, Click here and then click on the picture of your grill. From there you'll be able to make one more click and read the details of your warranty.