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How do I cook a turkey on the Holland Grill?

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With the Holland-days just around the corner why not grill your turkey on your Holland Grill? Grilling a turkey on the Holland Grill is very simple. First, buy a turkey. I like the medium size, 13-15 pounders. Completely thaw the turkey, season it liberally with Carolina Seasoning and let it sit out on the counter for about 45 minutes while your grill is heating. This will knock the chill off the meat and let the turkey absorb the seasoning. Place the turkey directly on the cooking surface of the grill, in the center, and close the lid. It helps to use a digital thermometer to let you know when the turkey is done. Place the tip of the temperature probe into the thick part of the meat (breast or thigh) set the probe for 180 degrees F, shut the lid and go back inside and enjoy your guests. As a rule of thumb, a 14-lb turkey will take about 3 hours to cook. I like to place two turkeys that size side by side on the grill at Thanksgiving. The cooking time will be about the same. (I don't know why, but it's NOT double the time because you have two turkeys). Thermometer will beep when turkey is done. Carefully remove the turkey being careful not to spill the juices that have accumulated inside the cavity. Let it "rest" for 30 minutes and then get ready for the best tasting turkey you've ever had. Click here for more information.