Frequently Asked Questions

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General Operations
Cooking questions
Cleaning the grill
What is my warranty?
Why did my grill flare up?
How do I grill a turkey on the Holland?
Why do Holland's stainless grills cook with 13,000 btu and the black ones use over 19,000 btu?
2008 Epic Assembly
Why does my grill not get as hot as it used to?
How do I cook on the SearMate?
Does Holland have a charcoal grill?
What do people think of the Holland Grill?
Look at all the food you can grill on your Holland Grill
Can I cook breakfast on the Holland Grill?
How do I grill steaks and hamburgers on my Holland?
Didn't I see Holland Grill on the TV show World's Greatest?
How do I convert my grill from LP to Natural Gas?