Special "No-Flare" Warranty

Holland further warrants to the original purchaser that, during the functional parts term of this warranty, the drip pan section of the Holland Grill will not flare up, provided you use your Holland Grill under normal recreational, non-commercial conditions and follow all manufacturers instructions regarding the care and maintenance of the grill. This "No-Flare" warranty IS CONDITIONAL and certain requirements exist in order for a consumer to qualify for consideration of claim eligibility. The consumer is responsible for keeping the grill in clean, safe operating condition by performing all routine cleaning and maintenance according with manufacturers instructions. This No-Flare-Up Warranty applies only to flare-ups on edible foodstuffs and does NOT apply to any flare-up that is the result of the use of flammable, toxic or poisonous substances, or substances unfit for human consumption. If a flare up occurs, contact the dealer from which you purchased your Holland Grill (or the Holland Grill dealer nearest you) together with proof of purchase. The dealer will in turn notify The Holland Company of the claim. A "flare-up" claim will then be investigated by an authorized representative of The Holland Company, Inc. This investigation will require access to the subject customer's grill. To qualify for "No-Flare" Warranty claim:

Warranty Registration Procedure

Within 30 days of purchase, send in warranty card. For warranty service, you may contact The Holland Company, Inc. at 919-557-2001 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time), by fax at 919-557-3230, or by mail at 121 Thomas Mill Rd., Holly Springs, NC 27540. Please have your serial number and date of purchase available when you call in order to expedite your claim.