Grill Care

Holland Grills will help you cook fantastic meals for many years. Following our cooking and grill care tips will help you get the most out of your Holland Grill. Click on one of the following categories to review the related tips.

A good reason to buy a Holland Grill

There are so many grills on the market today, deciding which one to buy can be a hassle. But when it's all said and done, isn't good food the primary reason you choose a grill? There are lots of grills that look pretty and shiny, but do they cook good food?

Additional Information
This is a copy of a newspaper article printed in the Lexington-Herald Leader on Feb. 28, 2002. The article was about food--not grills. During the course of the interview, the lady revealed that the main reason her dish tasted so good was her grill--the Holland Grill, of course! Click on the link to read and print the article. In one or two sentences, this article tells you why you should buy a Holland Grill. Click here to download and print a copy of this article.