Grill Care

Holland Grills will help you cook fantastic meals for many years. Following our cooking and grill care tips will help you get the most out of your Holland Grill. Click on one of the following categories to review the related tips.

This explains the proper lighting procedure for the Companion portable grill when using the Conversion Hose (BHA3041A) attached to a 20lb LP Cylinder.

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Using the BHA3041A Companion Conversion Hose

To avoid a "low heat" situation when using the Companion portable gas grill with the Companion Conversion Hose (BHA3041A) attached to a 20lb LP cylinder, it is important to follow a few guidelines. First, use only the hose supplied by The Holland Grill Co. through our retail dealers and/or distributors. After July 19, 2012, all hoses will have the letters HGC stamped on the label to identify it as a Holland Grill certified hose. And secondly, it is important to follow the lighting procedure as follows:

1. First, make sure the grill and LP tank are OFF and grill lid is OPEN

2. Connect the hose to the grill side FIRST, and then to the LP tank

3. Slowly open the LP tank valve all the way to the OPEN position

4. Slide your igniter into the Companion lighting hole close to the burner and click it until you see a flame coming from the igniter

5. With your igniter lit, turn the grill's gas knob to the LIGHTING position

6. Make sure you can see the flame coming from the burner; turn the gas knob of the grill to the desired temperature setting (High, Medium, Low); close the lid and preheat for a minimum 20 minutes.

When turning the grill off, reverse the procedure:

1. Turn the grill off by turning the on/off knob to OFF

2. Turn the valve knob of the LP tank all the way to the CLOSED position

3. Disconnect the conversion hose from the LP tank FIRST; and then disconnect from the grill

If you feel the Companion is not getting up to temperature after preheating for a reasonable amount of time perform the following steps:

1. Turn the gas grill knob OFF and then the LP tank to the CLOSED position

2. Unscrew the hose connection from the LP tank. This should "purge" the hose of any pressure build up

3. Reattach the hose to the LP tank after a few minutes and relight the grill in the proper sequence

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always test for leaks when making a gas connection by using soapy water and a toothbrush. Do NOT use the grill if you feel it is leaking gas. Contact your dealer or The Holland Grill Co. at 1-800-880-9766.