Grill Care

Holland Grills will help you cook fantastic meals for many years. Following our cooking and grill care tips will help you get the most out of your Holland Grill. Click on one of the following categories to review the related tips.

Orifice Replacement Procedure (Igniter Models)

​NOTE: Use this procedure to convert an LP gas orifice to Natural Gas orifice. YOU will need to supply the hose to get the gas from your source to the grill. You can purchase locally or click here  to see our natural gas hose.

STEP 1 Turn valve to off position on LP tank.
STEP 2 Disconnect and remove regulator and hose from LP tank, by unscrewing
Counter-clockwise the large black plastic nut.
STEP 3 Remove knobs from control panel.
STEP 4 Unplug igniter electrode wire from rear of igniter, located on the rear of
Control panel.
STEP 5 Remove "4" 10-24 x 3/8 screws from control panel. Remove control panel.
STEP 6 Using "2" wrenches (5/8 & 3/4), loosen and remove hose from grill gas valve.
STEP 7 using a 5/8 wrench; loosen air shutter jam nut in front of burner Ventura.
STEP 8 Unscrew valve (counterclockwise) from burner.
STEP 9 Using a 3/8 wrench or socket, unscrew the orifice out of the end of the gas
Valve that was screwed into the burner.
STEP 10 Replace with the correct size orifice.
STEP 11 Replace screen, air shutter and gas valve as it was originally. Tighten the
Gas supply line with a 3/4 wrench. NOT BY HAND!
STEP 12 Re-adjust the air shutter for the correct setting. See owners' manual under
Lighting instructions.
STEP 13 Check for gas leaks with soapy water before re-lighting per instructions in

NOTE: - When using natural gas, the LP regulator cannot be used.

Holland Authorized Orifice Sizes:    Click Here to see orifice sizing chart 

Note: Normal flame should be blue with slight yellow tips.