Grill Care

Holland Grills will help you cook fantastic meals for many years. Following our cooking and grill care tips will help you get the most out of your Holland Grill. Click on one of the following categories to review the related tips.

Proper air/gas mixture is important to make sure your Holland Grill is operating properly.

Adjusting the air shutter

Although you probably will not have to perform this task very often, it is a good idea to know how to adjust the air shutter of your Holland Grill to make sure you're getting proper air/gas mixture.

Additional Information
Correct air/gas mixture is necessary for proper operation of The Holland Grill. (Note: If your grill is a model with a spark igniter, you must first remove control panel in order to access the air shutter.) To adjust the air flow, first light the grill properly and then close the lid after you're sure the flame is lit. (Refer to owner's manual for proper lighting and gas safety procedures.) Do NOT put any food on the grill while adjusting the air flow. Next, loosen the locknut slightly with an open end wrench so you can turn the air shutter. Adjust the air shutter slowly. When most of the orange has left the flame, and it has become uniformly pale yellow-to blue, the flame is properly set. There should be no need to re-adjust the air mixture for the life of your grill, however, it is wise to check the flame color each time you light your grill. Use the peep hole located just above the control panel to observe the flame. The flame should be blue in color, with slight yellow at the tips. Yellow-tipping is not unusual and will not affect the performance of the grill. Too much air results in a "fluttering" sound and may cause your flame to blow out. Too little air-gas mixture will result in improper burning of the gas which can leave black soot on your food.